Dantetsu Kiryu, Kyoryu Silver
Full Name: Dantetsu Kiryu
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Silver
Gear: Giga Gaburivolver
Zyudenryu: Bragigas

Dantetsu Kiryu is Daigo's father who took him on his world travels with him as a kid. When Daigo was an infant, Dantetsu was bathe in the Light of the Earth and gained the ability to hear the planet's melody. Found by Torin, who refers to him as mankind's King, Dantetsu assisted in the development of the modern Kyoryugers' arsenal. A decade before the series, sensing the Deboss Army gathering strength, Dantetsu left Daigo with his amber pendant and a handful of money as he went to search for the Lost Stones. In Present day, he returns to give Torin some of the Lost Stones while helping Daigo against Debo Tanabanta and Dogold when the Kyoryugers are able to revive Bragigas.

Dantetsu later appears during a holiday, Dogold noting him to be an ideal host body. Dantetsu easily escapes the villain's attempted possession as he tells Torin that he is going to enact the final phase of his mission of finding the Earth's original melody. Once receiving the planet's message, meeting up with Torin to stage a plan based from it, Dantetsu kills his friend in order to destroy Deboss Hell to ensure the Deboss Army would not be revived once defeated. Despite being a human, Dantetsu has proven to be an extremely powerful fighter as he possesses the Earth's Rage, capable of launching qi punches strong enough to damage a Debo Monster. With the Giga Gaburivolver, which he takes after Torin's death, Dantetsu transformed into Kyoryu Silver, and in this form can perform the Secret Technique: Sky Tearing Punch.