Attack Team Four Seasons
A quartet of seasonal-themed Debo Monsters who were created to serve Arslevan in 2114, only to be killed by the 2114 Kyoryugers, and appear exclusively in the V-Cinema special Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: Hundred Years After.

Harudamonne Harudamonne
A spring-themed Debo Monster who resembles Debo Tangosekku and is armed with the shamisen-like Haruichiben.

Natsudamonne Natsudamonne
A summer-themed Debo Monster who resembles Debo Vacance.

Akidamonne Akidamonne
An autumn-themed Debo Monster identical to Aigallon's version.

Fuyudamonne Fuyudamonne
A winter-themed Debo Monster who resembles Debo Yanasanta.