Utsusemimaru, Kyoryu Gold
Full Name: Utsusemimaru
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Gold
Gear: Gaburichanger, Zander Thunder
Zyudenryu: Pteragordon

Utsusemimaru, nicknamed Utchy by Amy, is the second of the ancient Kyoryugers to appear, following Ramirez. He is a 29-year-old samurai from the Sengoku period who defeated Pteragordon and became its partner as Kyoryu Gold. He is a practitioner of Raidenken ("Lightning Sword") kenjutsu. During the Sengoku period, he served under a lord named Iwaizumi Moshinosuke, who looked like Daigo. He fought against the Deboth Army alongside Torin and Moshinosuke until Chaos and Dogold formulated a scheme to slaughter anyone with whom Utsusemimaru had been in contact with to incite him into rage. In order to control Pteragordon, Chao's plan was to seal Utsusemimaru within Dogold's body. Though the plan succeeded, in the present he was presumed dead and not manifested as a Spirit. Utsusemimaru's condition was revealed as he believed that he was Dogold himself until the Raging Knight's face shattered during his fight with Kyoryu Red. Later, with the help of Torin and Ramirez, he is able to free himself from Dogold's hold completely. Even though he is arguably the most powerful Kyoryuger, he is quite humble, considerate, as well as kind=E2=80=94a quality he believed is a weakness because of his lord's final words.

Amy is the only one to discover Utsusemimaru's true personality beneath his arrogance and cockiness but, with Daigo's help, he drops the facade and the Kyoryugers become stronger as a result. In his final meeting with Dogold as Deboss Darkness Clock runs towards zero, he believes he will meet his end at the hands of Dogold and Endolf until Dogold turns on his ally. Utsusemimaru and Dogold land attacks on Endolf, freeing Dogold from the other knight's control, and he is saved from one of Endolf's attacks by Dogold enveloping him in his now broken armor. With their strength combined, Utsusemimaru and Dogold destroy Endolf, but afterwards the wounded Dogold still wishes to resolve their long standing issues. The two swordsmen rush at each other and perform one final slash, and Dogold falls, his spirit released to the wind. However, Dogold has landed a fatal blow and Utsusemimaru collapsed bleeding. He manages to survive thanks to the power of the True Melody of the Earth.

As Kyoryu Gold, Utsusemimaru announces himself as the "Thundering Brave and wields the Zandar Thunder sword. He also uses the unique Gaburi Changer to transform. In a special DVD, Kyoryu Gold wields the Golder Zandar Thunder. He and tends to say "Vanquishing evil in the name of heaven!" for his battle cry. As he is originally from the Sengoku period, he uses old ho norifics used by samurai, such as "de gozaru."