Gigant BragiOh
The strongest form of Bragigas towers over most normal enlarged Debo Monsters and able to go toe-to-toe against Gadoma evenly when the Devil's curse was broken, as well as using its Bragio Axe with devastating effect. Its finishing attack is the Super Electro-Beast Giga Brave Finish, where it uses the Bragio Ax, filled with the Kyoryu Spirits and Brave energy of the Guardians, to deliver a devastating chop.
Gigant Kyoryuzin
Cho Kamitsuki Gattai Gigant Kyoryuzin is the combination of Kyoryuzin, Parasagun, Zakutor, and Bragigas, armed with the Bragio Zakutor Ax. Its attacks are the Gigant Crown which makes part of Gigant Bragi-Oh's crown extend to smack into a target, the Gigant Slasher consisting of a charged thrust from the Bragio Zakutor Ax, and the Gigant Shot, which are supercharged shots from Parasagun. Its finishing attack is the Super Zyuden Gigant Full Breaster, where it shoots a powerful seven-pronged beam consisting of the Brave energy from all 23 Zyudenryu and Guardians from the chest.

Thanks to Yayoi, the Kyoryugers found a way to use the Gigant Cannon attack without harming Bragigas. First, Gigant Bragi-Oh assumes Gigant Formation, where the back of Gigant Bragi-Oh detaches, as well as Zakutor and Parasagun from their standard positions, making them as well as Pteragordon, Ankydon, Bunpachy, and Plezuon appear to flank Gigant Bragi-Oh. They fire the Super Electro-Beast All Gigant Explosion, where the Zyudenryu send their Brave into the Gigant Cannon, until the Gigant Cannon fires an immense blast of Brave energy, laying waste to anything that foolishly stands in the blast's warpath.