Kyosei Kamitsuki Gattai SpinoDai-Oh is the combination of the Zyudenryu; Tobaspino, Ankydon, and Bunpachy and was exclusively featured in the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music until its later appearance in the episode 39. SpinoDai-Oh was the primary robo piloted by the main antagonist, Deathryuger but is later piloted by the Kyoryugers, summoned by the call of "Kamitsuki Gattai." While the mecha is armed with Ankydon Hammer and Bunpachy Ball, the SpinoDai-Oh is primary armed with Spino Boomerang and the Spino Defenser. SpinoDai-Oh's finishing attack is the Spinodai-Oh Brave Finish, where it charges Brave Energy into the Spino Boomerang, which is then thrown at the target, shredding it as it flies. While under the control of the evil Deathryuger, SpinoDai-Oh created a Super Destroying Light Bullet, an energy ball shot out from the Spino Head cannon, fueled by Mikoto Amano's life force, and had it been unleashed, mass destruction would have followed. It was destroyed when SpinoDai-Oh went inside the energy ball and destroyed it with the Spinodai-Oh Brave Finish, where SpinoDai-Oh spun like a top, with the Ankydon Hammer and Bunpachy Ball out at full force.
SpinoDai-Oh Western
SpinoDai-Oh Western is the combination of Tobaspino, Parasagun, and Zakutor. Its finishing attack is the SpinoDai-Oh Western Brave Finish, where it creates an orb which is shot from the Parasa Beam Gun before locking the opponent inside the enlarged orb and performing a slashing attack with the Zakutor Sword.