Yuko Fukui, Kyoryu Cyan
Full Name: Yuko Fukui
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Cyan
Gear: Gaburevolver, Spirit Hammer
Zyudenryu: Ankydon

Yuko Fukui is Nobuharu's sister, possessing similar strength to her brother. Her husband Kenichi died four years ago and was left a single mother to their daughter Rika. Yuko believes the Kyoryugers and the Deboth Army to be equally dangerous after a previous Deboss attack left Rika injured. Nobuharu is especially stung by Yuko's assertion, especially since he was at that battle as Kyoryu Blue to protect his family. Though she warms up slightly to Kyoryu Blue after she discovers that he had helped to rescue her from the influence of the Debo Monster Debo Kokodoko. Yuko finally figures out that Nobuharu is Kyoryu Blue when she notices that Kyoryu Blue's mannerisms and motivation are the same as Nobuharu's during the fight against Debo Vacance. Yuko does not reveal to Nobuharu that she has figured out his heroic identity, but she has apparently accepted the fact. Ramirez later chooses her to be the new living Kyoryu Cyan. When she is introduced to the Kyoryugers for the first time, Nobuharu tries to explain things to her, but she reveals to him she has known the truth for some time, a fact that the other Kyoryugers seem to know as well.