Pteraiden-Oh Pteraiden-Oh
Kaminari Henkei Pteraiden-Oh is the Zyuden Giant state of Pteragordon, known as "Pteragordon's strongest form". Pteraiden-Oh is very sleek compared to Pteraiden-Oh, and because of this, it is a good deal faster, and can deal out a lot of damage in a hurry with its Ptera Cutter arm blades. One of its finishers is the Pteraiden-Oh Brave Finish, where the Zyuden Giant fires a stream of lightning bolts from the Ptera Head cannon. However, it is noticeably weaker then Pteraiden-Oh's own Brave Finishes, and as such, Pteraiden-Oh has to land another attack to fully destroy a enlarged monster. When Pteraiden-Oh was under the Deboss Army's control, its visors were pulled down, and it wore a giant black cape.

Pteraiden-Oh Western Pteraiden-Oh Western
Pteraiden-Oh Western is the combination of Pteragordon, Parasagun, and Zakutor. Its finishing attack is the Pteraiden-Oh Western Brave Finish, where it uses the energy of the three Zyudenryu to create an orb which is shot from the Parasa Beam Gun.

Pteraiden-Oh Ankydon Pteraiden-Oh Ankydon
It is the Biting Combination of Pteragordon and Ankydon, which was used as a one-two attack plan against an enhanced Cambrima, who was on even strength with Pteraiden-Oh Macho due to their similar weapons, with Pteraiden-Oh's part of the plan was to use the Ankydon Hammer to smash the Cambrima's kanabo, though the Zyuden Giant had to spin into the air for momentum for the proper amount of force.

Pteraiden-Oh Bunpachy Pteraiden-Oh Bunpachy
It is the Biting Combination of Pteragordon and Bunpachy. Its finishing attack is the Pteraiden-Oh Bunpachy Brave Finish, where it shoots a blast of lightning from the Ptera Head cannon before hitting the opponent in the face with the Bunpachy Ball.

Pteraiden-Oh Parasagun Ptraiden-Oh Parasagun
It is the Biting Combination of Pteragordon and Parasagun. Its finishing attack is the Pteraiden-Oh Parasagun Brave Finish, where Pteraiden-Oh makes a sphere of lightning that then attaches to the barrel of the Parasa Beam Gun, then it's shot forward with great power.

Pteraiden-Oh Dricera Pteraiden-Oh Dricera
It s the Biting Combination of Pteragordon and Dricera. Its finishing attack is the Pteraiden-Oh Dricera Brave Finish, where it uses the Dricera Drill to pierce through the opponent while flying at the enemies at high speeds.

Raiden Kyoryuzin Raiden Kyoryuzin
It is the combination between Pteraiden-Oh and Kyoryuzin. The majority of Pteraiden-Oh is formed into Pteragordon and placed on Kyoryuzin's back, except the head, where it replaces Kyoryuzin's standard helmet. Armed with the power of flight from the Ptera Wings and the Goren Zyudenken, now able to fight in the air without having to sacrifice strength in order to do so. This combination's finisher is the Zyudenken Inazuma Brave Finish, where Raiden Kyoryuzin flies high into the air while the Kyoryugers channel electrical Brave to the Zyudenken. Once done, Raiden Kyoryuzin brings the electrified Zyudenken down with a mighty chop, slicing through the target.