Ramirez, Kyoryu Cyan
Full Name: Ramirez
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Cyan
Gear: MoBuckle, Ankydon Zyudenchi
Special Attack: Spirit Hammer
Zyudenryu: Ankydon

Ramirez is the first of the Spirit Rangers to appear. He can only exist in modern times as a ghost so long as the bond with his Zyudenryu partner is maintained. So he can join the other Kyoryugers in battle by holding up his Zyudenchi and calling out "Spirit Ranger, Fire!" He is an optimistic European man who became the partner of Ankydon and fought as Kyoryu Cyan five centuries ago against Debo Wilson. Ramirez wanted to give Ankydon to the new Kyoryuger in the present but he turns to them for help when Debo Wilson gained control of the Ankydon. However, with Amy's help, Ramirez's bond with Ankydon is restored as he leaves Japan to find the remaining Zyudenryu yet aids the Kyoryugers on occasion. After Torin is killed by Dantetsu so he can destroy the Darkness of Earth from inside Deboth Hell, Ramirez joins him along with Tessai, passing his powers onto Nobuharu's sister, Yuko, who becomes the new Kyoryu Cyan in the final battle. As Kyoryu Cyan, Ramirez announces himself as the "Steel Brave" and he wields the Spirit Hammer.