Aigaron's Debo Monsters
Sorrowful Knight Aigaron's Debo Monstersgather sorrow by making their victims cry or suffer. Thecolor of the Sorrow Energy is a purplish blue.

Debo Peshango Debo Peshango
Debo Peshango is a Debo Monster themed after a car crusher. Debo Peshango was created to serve Aigallon in making humans sad. Able to use his Peshan Beam to flatten buildings, Debo Peshango is interested in flattening anything and anyone. Through defeated by Kyoryugers, Debo Peshango is enlarged before being destroyed by Kyoryuzin.
Episodes 2 & 36

Debo Doronbosu Debo Doronbosu
Debo Doronbos is a thieving Debo Monster themed after both a raven and a bank vault, created to serve Aigallon due to the hammerspace within the Bick Bank on his chest. He also was given Aigallon's cloak prior to being sent to deprive humans of their favorite things to make them sad. Because of the cloak, Ian believed Debo Doronbos to be Shiro's murderer and believed to have avenged his friend when the Debo Monster was destroyed by Kyoryuzin Western.
Episodes 4 & 36

Debo Kokodoko Debo Kokodoko
Debo Kokodoko is themed after a maze and armed with flag-like Big Scythe Goal, created to serve Aigallon by placing people in illusions of seeing deceased family members. However, Kyoryu Blue manages to defeat Debo Kokodoko as the Debo Monster is easily destroyed during Kyoryuzin Western's battle with Pteragordon.
Episodes 8 & 36

Debo Jakireen Debo Jakireen
Debo Jakireen is themed after cutlery with his limbs having built-in Loss Army Knives. Created to serve Aigallon in collecting sadness through destroying relationships, Debo Jakireen searches for people in relationships with his Arrow-Distinguishing Glasses and uses his Relationship-Cutting Shears to server those bonds, turning that affected person into a lunatic fearful of losing their lover. Though defeated by Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Gold, with his victims restored once his Relationship-Cutting Shears are destroyed, Debo Jakireen is enlarged to aid the Giant Zorima against Kyoryuzin before being destroyed by Pteraiden-Oh Western.
Episodes 13 & 36

Debo Kyawaeen Debo Kyawaeen
Debo Kyawaeen is a Vampire-like Debo Monster armed with the Kyawa Whip who is one of Aigallon's prized minions. The reason, besides her ability to turn men into her slaves, is that Debo Kyawaeen can assume the form of an baby whose inherent cuteness forces people to fall in love with her. In her infant form, Debo Kyawaeen is armed with the NukeGaragara baby rattle she uses in her Rattling Beam attack. Forcing Luckyuro to hand over his Sukusuku Joyro, she is sent to cause over doting parents to abandon their spoiled children in a two pronged attack to get joy from the former and sorrow from the latter. However, the Kyoryugers manage to defeat Debo Kyawaeen with Stymero-afflicted Zorima holding her down for Kyoryu Gold and then destroy her with Pteraiden-oh Bunpachy.
Episode 19

Debo Akidamonne Debo Akidamonne
Episode 33 Debo Akidamonne Themed after autumn and armed with the AkiaKine and the AchilleUsu, created to serve Aigallon. His attacks are the Chestnut Bomb, Dead Leaf Attack, the Tsukimi Dango Attack, the Super Chestnut Bomb, and the Super Tsukimi Dango Attack. He has the ability to pull an opponent into the Autumn Zone. Though defeated by the seven Kyoryugers, Debo Akidamonne is enlarged before being destroyed by Pteraiden-Oh Parasagun.

Dogold's Debo Monsters
Raging Knight Dogold's Debo Monstersgather rage by making their victims mad. The color of theRage Energy is bright red.

Debo Royaroya Debo Royaroya
Debo Royaroya is a fast moving Debo Monster themed after a prison, created to serve Dogold by using his Chain Roya to capture martial artists and athletes whose anger of being held captive would suit their needs. Through defeated by Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Green with the Dino Chasers to counter his speed, Debo Royaroya is enlarged before being destroyed by Kyoryuzin Stegotchi-Zakutor.
Episode 3

Debo Yakigonte Debo Yakigonte
Debo Yakigonte is themed after both a branding iron and a taiyaki mold, armed with the Achichi Iron and the Handar Saber, created to serve Dogold in a two-fold scheme to break up the Kyoryugers. This is done by Debo Yakigonte using his Copy Iron Hands to make a Zorima assume the form of a person with the ability to tap into a target's subconscious to say that most infuriating thing about the person. However, Daigo's inability to get mad foils the scheme and Debo Yakigonte is defeated by the Kentrospiker before being destroyed by Kyoryuzin Macho.
Episodes 7 & 36

Debo Tangosekku Debo Tangosekku
Debo Tangosekku is themed after Children's Day and armed with the Kenka RyoSaber, created to serve Dogold during the Sengoku period where he played a role in the death of Iwaizumi Moshinosuke. In the present, Debo Tangosekku is sent to use the Koi Fog from his Koinobori Tank to kidnap young boys to his hidden village to make them violent. In his koinobori form, he can emit the red Terrible Koi Fog that confine himself and an opponent permanently into a different dimensional space. Though defeated by the Kyoryugers, Debo Tangosekku is enlarged before being destroyed by Raiden Kyoryuzin. In It's Here! Armed On Midsummer Festival!! Special DVD, he revives alongside Debo Tanabanta as the ghost Festival Brothers and possesses Nobuharu before being destroyed by Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold.
Episodes 12 & 36

Debo Spokorn Debo Spokorn
Debo Spokorn is themed after sports equipment, created to serve Dogold alongside his team of specially trained Zorima in a scheme to distract the Kyoryugers from learning of Futabain's lost Stone while helping Aigallon reach his quota by ruining a competition. His attacks are the Three-Point Shoot and the Separating Miracle Ball. Though defeated by the five main Kyoryugers, with his team wiped out by Pteraiden-Oh Western and Plezuoh Ankydon, Debo Spokorn is enlarged before being overwhelmed by Kyoryuzin Baseball and then destroyed by Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin. Once brought back from deboss Hell, Debo Spokorn becomes the coach of the deboss Academy Private School to help Debo Kibishydesu educate Debo Akkumoon so they can exact revenge on the Kyoryugers. However, Debo Sporkorn is defeated by the Kyoryugers and then destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin.
Episodes 32 & 37

Candelilla's Debo Monsters
Joyful Knight Candelilla's Debo Monsters gather joy by making their victims really happy. Thecolor of the Joy Energy is a hot pink.

Debo Batissier Debo Batissier
Debo Batissier is a Debo Monster themed after a p�tissier, created to serve Canderrilla to produce delicious cakes that make humans unbearably happy. He is armed with the Whitto Whipper whisk and the Delicious Cream Piping Bag used for making cakes. But after Debo Wilson infected him, Debo Batissier starts to make people get painful cavities with his Cavity Beam teeth bullets and uses the Delicious Fireball Piping Bag to shoot fireballs while eventually assuming a Cavity Violent Form. Though defeated by Kyoryu Green and Kyoryu Black, Debo Batissier is enlarged before being destroyed by Kyoryuzin using the Zyudenken Brave Finish.
Episodes 5 & 36

Debo Honenukky Debo Honenukky
Debo Honenukky is themed after bones, created to serve Canderrilla by using his Bone-Extraction of Love ability to remove thoracic vertebrae out of male humans to make them her ardent admirers while placing the extracted bones in bag. He use his attack to subjugate the Kyoryugers. However, being a bit shy around girls, Debo Honenukky's ability is ineffective on Amy and those similar to himself like Utsusemimaru. Though defeated by Kyoryu Pink and Kyoryu Gold, Debo Honenukky is enlarged before being destroyed by Kyoryuzin and Pteraiden-Oh.
Episodes 11 & 36

Debo Zaihon Debo Zaihon
Themed after treasures and armed with the Kokohore Wonder pickaxe, created to serve Canderrilla to make humans find treasures. He has the Gold Coin Bombs in his chest and can perform the Lithograph Stratum Drop attack with his front hard tasset. Though defeated by the Kyoryugers, Debo Zaihon is enlarged before being destroyed by Raiden Kyoryuzin.
Episodes 16 & 36

Debo Tanabanta Debo Tanabanta
He is a vain and prideful Debo Monster themed after Tanabata and armed with the Bamboo Forest Spear. His techniques are the Bamboo Leaf Killing Method and the Bamboo Spear Slash. Using paper created from his body, Debo Tanabanta is used by Canderrilla in a scheme to grant peoples' Tanabata wishes. Once obtaining the joy energy sealed in the paper, the people start to weaken before eventually dying the day after Tanabata. Though Daigo had a hard time catching him, He is caught off guard by a punch from Dantetsu, as Daigo himself destroys the bamboo tube holding the joy energy. Defeated by the Kentrospiker and his giant form was destroyed by Kyoryuzin Kung-Fu. In It's Here! Armed On Midsummer Festival!! Special DVD, he revives alongside Debo Tangosekku as the ghost Festival Brothers and possesses Nobuharu before being destroyed by Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold.
Episodes 20 & 36

Debo Vacance Debo Vacance
He is a crab-like Debo Monster themed after summer vacation that was created by Canderrilla during July and is armed with the right You Scream Arm pincher and the Ice Cream Arm that he uses in his Triple Drill Cream attack. Due to various events at the time, Canderrilla found no use for him and only remembered him once fall begins. Dogold offers his aid to Canderrilla by formulating a scheme to enlarge and have him use his Holiday Beam from orbit to make any human into a lazy Holi-Human so Canderrilla can get her quota on joy while Dogold gets his quota of rage from those unaffected humans who get angry at those under the his spell. He also created a clone of himself in an attempt to conceal his location as he manages to get all the Kyoryugers but Kyoryu Blue before Kyoryu Red eventually snaps out of the his spell to bring him down to Earth. With his clone destroyed, he is shrunk down and attempts to flee before being cornered by the Kyoryugers. Fatally wounded by Kyoryu Red Kung-Fu Carnival, Debo Vacance explodes in a display of fireworks.
Episodes 31 & 36

Debo Kantokku Debo Kantokku
Themed after a film camera and armed with the clapperboard-like Gachinko Kachinko axe, created to serve Canderrilla by staging romance scenes and traps the men she gets to fall for her in the film reel on his chest. He can also create film genre scenarios reflecting the mind of one, like Amy, who recently watched movies. Though defeated by Kyoryu Blue, with Canderilla's indirect help, Debo Kantokku is enlarged and attempts to enact a giant monster movie before being destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin.
Episode 40

Endolf's Debo Monsters
Resentful Knight Endolf's Debo Monstersgather hatred and resentment from their victims. The color of the Resentment Energy is a dark purple withblack splotches. Endolf hasn't been shown to have a totemof his own, and as such is it currently unknown just howhe created these Monsters.

Debo Shinobinba Debo Shinobinba
Themed after a ninja and armed with the Shirueito, created to serve Endolf to kill Daigo to make other Kyoryugers resentful. His Debo Ninpo are the Scatter Shuriken, Shadow Clone, and Shadow Seal. Though defeated by Kyoryu Red Carnival, Debo Shinobinba is enlarged before being destroyed by Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin.
Episodes 27 & 36

Debo Karyudosu Debo Karyudosu
Debo Karyudosu Themed after a hunter and armed with the Natan Hansen machete and the Hulk Bowgun crossbow, created to serve Endolf to kill Daigo to make other Kyoryugers resentful. He also has the Road Warrior motorcycle. Debo Karyudosu is destroyed by the five Kyoryugers excluding Kyoryu Red.
Episodes 27-29 & 36

Debo Yanasanta Debo Yanasanta
They are a set of quintuplet Debo Monster brothers who are themed after Christmas and armed with Christmas tree-like swords, able to merge with each other to increase their strength. They can fly with the Rocket Boosturkey on the back. Their attacks are the Merry Chrismash with a sword, the Candle Beam from candles on both shoulders, and the Present Bomb. They are created to serve to Dogold to distribute poor gifts containing deboss's Super-Growth Cells that absorb kids' aggravation to merge into numbers of Clone Deboss that Dogold siphons the emotion from. The first and second Debo Yanasanta enact Dogold's scheme to capture Kyoryu Red by combining into a form with twelve times their normal strength. However, the 2 are destroyed by Kyoryu Red and Kyoryu Gold with Dogold deciding to summon their remaining brothers to Japan to enact a new plan to capture Dantetsu. The trio having merged into a form with 345 times greater strength, Debo Yanasanta eventually betrays Dogold for his true master Endolf. Enlarged by Endolf, it is quickly destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin, Pteraiden-Oh Ankydon, and Plezu-Oh Bunpachy
Episodes 41-42

Chaos' Debo Monsters
When Hundred-Faced High Priest Chaosuses the power of all 3 Totems, he can create one of his Special Elite Debo Monsters. Since they were created byusing all 3 totems they can not be normally classifiedwith any of the categories above.

Debo Kibishydesu Debo Kibishydesu
Themed after a classroom with a strict personality that uses his Blastic Teaching stick to punish those he considers "unproper". He is armed with the arm-mounted Gatling Pencil-HB gun. Chaos creates him to make Luckyuro a descent deboss Army member by forcing him to attend his class to study research materials from the deboss Text while formulating a scheme to bomb the Spirit Base. His drive to educate causes him to kidnap Amy to make her into a proper lady. Kyoryu Gold destroys him. Once brought back from Deboss Hell, Debo Kibishydesu creates the deboss Academy Private School composed of himself, Debo Spokorn, and Debo Akkumoon to exact revenge on the Kyoryugers. However, Debo Kibishydesu is defeated by Kyoryu Silver and then destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin.
Episodes 14 & 37

Debo Tairyon Debo Tairyon
Created by Chaos and themed after fishing. Debo Tairyon is armed with the Firmly Fishing Rod and the Seafood Heaping Harpoon and is granted enhanced endurance to physical pain. Though everyone assumed his mission is to retrieve the final Lost Stone from Lake Mado, Debo Tairyon's true goal is fishing up the core of Gadoma for Chaos. Once fulfilling his true mission and giving the item to Luckyuro, Debo Tairyon fights the Kyoryugers and Spirit Rangers before being defeated and then destroyed by Gigant Bragi-Oh.
Episode 34

Luckyuro's Debo Monsters
Funfilled Spy Luckyuro's Debo Monstersdo not appear to gather energy, and instead have neutralfaces because Luckyuro isn't a Knight.

Debo Akkumoon Debo Akkumoon
A sheep-like Debo Monster themed after sleep, created to serve Luckyuro to invade the dreams of the Kyoryugers to give them nightmares. He can block blasts with his Memory-Foam Shield pillow, make anyone fall asleep with his Restful Bomber pillow, and attack with his Explosive Flame Bomber pillow. Thanks to Katsuyama's special energy drink, Souji and the others were able to defeat him, then his big form is destroyed by Pteraiden-Oh, Plezu-Oh, and Kyoryuzin Stegotchi Zakutor. Once brought back from Deboss Hell, Debo Akkumoon ends up becoming a student under Debo Kibishydesu and Debo Spokorn while given the Osakimakkurar pillow that gives him the power to switch peoples' minds. Despite the confidence boost, he is defeated by the Kyoryugers and then destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin.
Episodes 25 & 37

Debo Zaihodoron Debo Zaihodoron
Luckyuro is ordered to create him to aid in getting the Stymero Lost Stone. Though Luckyuro was originally attempting to recreate Debo Doronboss, Aigallon's mention of Debo Zaihon causes Luckyuro to accidentally create a hybrid version with Debo Zaihon's head on Debo Doronboss's body. Armed with the Kokohore Wonder pickaxe, Debo Zaihodoron is clueless on his abilities before learning he can use the Bick Bank on his chest. Though defeated by Kyoryu Red Macho Carnival, unaware that the distraction he was doing so Luckyuro can get the Lost Stone has been in vain, Debo Zaihodoron is enlarged before being quickly destroyed by Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin.
Episode 30