2114 Deboth Army
A faction of the original Deboth Army who Arslevan created and absorbed as part of his revenge plan, though they outlive their creator and become the enemies of the 2114 Kyoryugers.

Remorseful Knight Arslevan
A Deboth Knight born from Deboth's regret amidst his final destruction who is armed with the Arslevayo Cutter sword and appears exclusively in the V-Cinema special Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Returns: 100 Years After. Arslevan hid himself away between dimensions for 100 years to rebuild the Deboth Army and used his temporal abilities to tamper with the world's memories of the Kyoryugers. Emerging in 2114, he manipulates his creation Gaos into believing the latter was the reincarnated Chaos and pretends to serve under him while the former amasses humans' negative emotional energy. Once he absorbs his followers to finish doing so, Arslevan travels back in time to prevent Deboth's defeat, only to be blasted back to 2114 by the present day Kyoryugers and killed by their descendants. Arslevan is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo.

Thousand-Faced High Priest Gaos
The flippant and ignorant figurehead leader who resembles Chaos and was manipulated by Arslevan into believing he was him. Gaos is voiced by Takayuki Sugo, who also voices Chaos.

Sniveling Knight Sneld
A monster who resembles Dogold, but is prone to complaining and whining, and wields the Shichiten Batto, which appears identical to Dogold's Kenka Joto. Sneld is voiced by Satoshi Tsuruoka, who also voices Dogold.

Jealous Knight Hoshiigallon
A monster who resembles Aigallon, but is prone to incessantly expressing envy towards everyone. Hoshiigallon is voiced by Yu Mizushima, who also voices Aigallon.