Deboss Army
The Deboss Army were formed from the cells of their creator Deboss to aid him in invading Earth in the past to wipe out the dominant life form at the time: the dinosaurs. However, the Deboss Army were defeated and sealed in ice by the Zyudenryu after centuries of a long, bloody battle. But through a few isolated incidents in human history before the present century, the Deboss Army aims to harvest the emotional energy of humans to fully thaw Deboss with a knowledge of humanity so that they can herald a new mass extinction. Once they fulfill that object, Deboss creates the Darkness Clock, an item that serves as a countdown to Earth's destruction while opening numerous portals to Deboss Hell before the final destruction occurs.

Dark Species Deboss Dark Species Deboss
Deboss was created by a mysterious figure for the purpose of becoming the ultimate being. To that end, becoming known as a "Planetary Illness", Deboss travels to many worlds to find their dominant traits. Once evolved into a form reflecting the targeted species, Deboss would then leave the planet to unleash a melody that reduces it into a lifeless world. In the caterpillar-like dinosaur form he assumed during the Mesozoic, Deboss was armed with electric Shock Tentacles and the HoShock Jaws forearms with his Horobire Burst attack. After Torin betrayed the Deboss Army, Deboss's heart is damaged by Bragigas with his lifeless body frozen by Torin and sealed within Antarctic where it became the Frozen Castle. Though eventually stirring, affecting them by increasing their abilities, Deboss lacks the amount of emotions needed to be revived before Chaos subjects him to a large amount of Restoration Water to be resurrected.

Deboss is rendered mindless and attacks his own creations until Chaos calms him down. Daigo reveals that the monster fears the Kyoryugers' Brave before being apparently destroyed by Bakuretsu Kyoryuzin. Despite his apparent destruction, Deboss transfers his heart into Chaos to escape death, with his body reverted into its Frozen Castle form to regenerate in the ocean. After the needed quota of rage was obtained during Christmastime, Deboss fully awakens. Briefly possessing Chaos' body long enough to transfer back into his original body to begin his evolution, Deboss sets up the Darkness Clock to occur within 50 hours. Concentrating his consciousness into one cocoon-like fragment, Deboss completes his evolution into the humanoid Transcendenterfly God Deboss.

Armed with both DeboStick staff and a knowledge of the human melody, Deboss performs the Transcendenterfly Hammer attack and enlarges on his own by removing his DeboStole. When setting his final plans of planetary genocide, Deboss uses his dark melody to prevent the Kyoryugers from transforming while sending his minions to dispatch them before they use the empowered Maximum and Victory Zyudenchi on him. With the other Kyoryugers remaining behind to hold off the Deboss Army, Daigo confronts Deboss himself. Daigo becomes empowered by the Earth's true melody and that of his friends as he uses Kyoryu Carnival with the Maximum and Victory Zyudenchi to finally destroy Deboss while the Zyudenryu destroy the Frozen Palace.

Many-Faced High Priest Chaos Many-Faced High Priest Chaos
Chaos is the current leader of the Deboss Army, one of Deboss's oldest creations who can generate the Magic Bead orb and carries the FlexiBible, and has overseen the destruction of previous planets alongside his younger brother Torin. However, when Torin betrayed them, Chaos vowed revenge while purposely leaving the injury that Torin inflicted on him as a reminder. Thawing out his followers in the present, Chaos seeks to revive Deboss and wipe out the human race as they did with the dinosaurs millions of years ago. Though his plan to use Pteragordon fails, Chaos begins preparing for Deboss's revival and completes it when Plezuon returns to Earth. Though inside Deboss, Chaos survived after Deboss transferred his heart into his hand with his body now serving to contain the emotions acquired. Thanks in part to Luckyulo's attempted revenge, Chaos creates Endolf to counter the Kyoryugers while exposing Torin's former ties. After his attempt to open a portal to Deboss Hell, a weakened Chaos takes his leave while placing Dogold in charge. Later returning once enough rage is gathered, Chaos creates two new agents to amass enough sadness and joy for Deboss's revival to begin. Chaos allows Deboss to briefly control his body as Deboss Chaos, until they return to the Frozen Castle where his creator's heart merges back into his body. Chaos leads the final attack against the Kyoryugers with his fellow Knights, overpowering some of them until allowing Dantetsu to destroy him. With the Kyoryugers' melody affecting him, Chaos is knocked into the pillar by the spirits and Canderrilla as his death destroys the pillar.

Raging Knight Dogold Raging Knight Dogold
Dogold is a foul-tempered general who is Chaos's right hand man. He is based from items in Japan's Sengoku Period: he is a living suit of armor that can control anyone in a rage-filled mindset. Dogold gets a thrill from destruction, discharging an electric current from his body as well as fighting with the Kenka Jōtō ("Fighting Superior Sword") Seven-Branched Sword. He tends to say "How irritating!" whenever displeased. While aiding Chaos during the Sengoku period, Dogold enacted his leader's plan to form around Utsusemimaru's body as part of a master plan to control Pteragordon. As a result, once revived, Dogold, with Chaos' help, influences the amnesiac Utsusemimaru to instill rage in humans under Chaos's orders. Once Dogold is able to use the Pteragordon Zyudenchi when his captive's rage has reached its zenith, the truth of Utsusemimaru's fate is revealed. After being shattered in order to free Utsusemimaru, Dogold is then forced to use Cambrimas as new hosts. As a result, his rage intensifies due to the fact that his Cambrima host can only survive a month. Needing to get a new host, Dogold aids robotics scientist Hiroshi Nakazato in perfecting his android G-BO to make it into his new body. But after G-BO is shut down, Dogold is forced to look for another. With the appearance of Endolf, who annoyed him---yet ordered by Chaos not to take any action against him, Dogold indirectly undermines Endolf to use him as a host since their respective emotions are similar.

Dogold decides to keep his action a secret for the moment. However, when he employs the Debo Yanasanta brothers near Christmas, Dogold learns that Endolf's personality begins to take over and confirming Dantetsu's strength, decides to take Daigo's father as a new host. However, betrayed by Debo Yanasanta to take the full blast of the Ten Zyudenryu Maximum Victory Finish, Dogold's body became weak enough for Endolf to hold as he reveals that he manipulated Dogold's plan from the beginning. Though Canderrila and Aigallon save him, his anger quota now full, Dogold loses his standing with Chaos as he resumes using Cambrima as hosts. He is then equipped with two Deboss Cell-based rings on his horns that force him to serve as Endolf's bodyguard, still bother by Utsusemimaru's comments on his dwindling sense of honor, feigning to have completely discarded what he honor he had left to make it seem he became a loyal servant. During the final battle, Dogold turns on Endolf while regaining his freedom and aiding Utsusemimaru to destroy Endolf. However, his armor heavily damaged to the point of near death, Dogold decides to settle things with Utsusemimaru and dies in their duel while landing a mortal wound on the Kyoryuger.

Sorrowful Knight Aigallon Sorrowful Knight Aigallon
Aigallon is a general who, despite his crybaby attitude, is a fierce tactician armed with the Tohohawk battle axe that he uses in his Tohohawk Boomerang and Tohohawk Crash attacks. Aigallon's catchphrase is "What a blow!" and his missions have focuses on making humans sad. He is the first of the Deboss Army's generals to be revived in modern times. About a year prior to the first episode, he donned a cloak of invincibility with collar spikes that can extend and attack. He went to Europe to steal an amber gemstone to add in his collection of jewels. In the process, Aigallon murdered Ian Yorkland's friend Shiro Mifune before giving the cloak to Debo Monster Debo Doronboss. Eventually, Aigallon is revealed as Shiro's killer when he attempts to add Daigo's pendant to his collection. After Deboss's death, Aigallon discards his sadness in favor of rage with his tears evaporating into steam. During the ensuing fight with the other Kyoryugers, Aigallon self-destructs in an attempt to take them with him, though the Tuperanda Zyudenchi allows the Kyoryugers to survive the suicide attack. But as his lifeless armored body allowed him to remain among the living rather than fade into Deboss Hell, Aigallon is secretly revived by Chaos. As a result of Chaos's power surging in him, Aigallon starts suffering a strange personality change where his eyes turn black and becomes psychotic. During that time, Aigallon also developed a crush on Canderrilla which plays into his defection from the Deboss Army after overhearing that they are to kill her. Fending Canderrilla and Luckyulo from Icelond before they are with the Kyoryugers, Aigallon learns the truth of his revival and takes a fatal blow meant for Canderrilla while revealing his feelings for her. Ian, conflicted with saving the one responsible Shiro Mifune's death, tearfully puts Aigallon out of his misery by cracking his armor.

Joyful Knight Canderrilla Joyful Knight Canderrilla
Canderrilla is a vain, air-headed, happy-go-lucky general armed with the CahaHalberd who encourages others to "Keep smiling!". Using the CahaHalberd, she performs the Joyful Dance attack. Unlike the other knights, Canderrilla's missions involve her getting to make humans happy or utilizing her singing voice to intensify the power of anyone with Deboss cells with her "Joyful Song". Though she falls into a coma after Aigallon's death, teleported back to the Frozen Castle alongside Luckyulo, Canderrilla revives when Chaos, Dogold and Aigallon reveal themselves. Canderrilla later aids Endolf by singing a dark version of her Joyful Song to expose Torin's true nature to the Kyoryugers. Later on, Canderrilla begins to have second thoughts about her role in the Deboss Army as she indirectly helps Nobuharu defeat her creation. When Luckyulo runs away from the Frozen Castle, Canderrilla searches for him. Her act causes Chaos to think that she may follow in Torin's footsteps, and as such, he decides that she should be eliminated. After being saved by the Kyoryugers, distraught over Aigallon's death, Canderrilla decides to go into hiding for a while before helping Torin and the Spirit Rangers destroy Deboss Hell. Soon after, Canderrilla decides to help humans. When the Deboss Army returns in 2114, Canderrilla, along with Luckyulo, decides to restore the Kyoryugers, gathering a new team as Wise Goddess Canderrilla.

Funfilled Spy Luckyulo Funfilled Spy Luckyulo
Luckyulo is Canderrilla's childish subordinate and bodyguard. He is normally in charge of enlarging the Debo Monsters with Restoration Water that is kept in Sukusuku Joylo, a pumpkin-like watering can. Luckyulo is later given the Shukushuku Balls by Chaos, that can absorb Restoration Water to shrink the Debo Monsters. Although Luckyulo aids all three knights, Chaos regards him as a lazy eyesore due to spending time reading manga. In an attempt to correct Luckyulo's errant and inappropriate behavior, Chaos forces him to create Debo Kibishidesu in the hopes that that particular Debo Monster will tutor him to become an useful member of the Deboss Army, as well as to create a plan to destroy the Kyoryugers' Spirit Base with an enlarging Super Dimension Bomb by stealing Amy's Gaburivolver. The plan fails, and Luckyulo ends up being punished by Chaos using a copy of Debo Kibishidesu's Blastic Pointer when the spy tries to redeem herself by showing Chaos the now-sealed entrance to the Spirit Base. Later believing the others are dead and Canderrilla out cold, Luckyulo takes matters into his own hands by creating Debo Akkumuun to harass the Kyoryugers by entering their dreams in order to pose as those dear to them and sicking others on them. Though this scheme failed, Luckyulo gains Chaos's praise, due to his own role in inspiring Endolf's creation. Unfortunately, while going after Stymero's Lost Stone yet getting distracted by a party game, Luckyulo ends up being punished by Chaos for failing. As his position is diminished in favor of the Deboss Super-Growth Cells, and having considered his interest in the Deboss Army's goal as being detrimental to his manga reading, Luckyulo finds himself no longer of service according to Chaos's schemes. When this results in an attempt on his life, devastated over Aigallon's death, Luckyulo decides to go into hiding but resurfaces to help Canderrilla get into Deboss Hell with his Rattatta Lantern so they can help Torin and the Spirit Rangers. Soon after Luckyulo decides to assist Canderrilla in helping humans. When the Deboss Army returns in 2114, Luckyulo, along with Canderrilla, decides to restore the Kyoryugers, gathering a new team as Wise God Apprentice Luckyulo.

Ferocious Knight D Ferocious Knight D
D is an ancient warmonger who was among the first of Chaos's creations in response to the emergence of Tobaspino. In his mission to harvest the emotional energy of the dinosaurs, D took control of the Tobaspino and used it to wipe out the dinosaurs before the singing voice of Mikoto Amano's ancestor restored enough of its freewill to crush him. After being resurrected by Chaos in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music, he recieved the Deathryuger Zyudenchi to become the navy Kyoryuger-like Deathryuger. He captures Mikoto to use her singing voice to revive Tobaspino while cutting his ties to the Deboss Army, using a captured Ankydon and Bunpachy to form Spinodai-Oh. But knocked out of Spinodai-Oh, D falls to his death after being mortally wounded by Kyoryu Red. He escapes from Deboss Hell and has a new scheme to raise an army od the dead, having evolved into a red form equipped with the War Spear-Sword. When the Kyoryugers foil his plans, D enlarges himself to destroy the world before he is hindered by Mikoto's singing as Spinodai-Oh destroys him. Usually wearing the AceCape, D's signature attack is Final Movement Deboss Finish. As Deathryuger, D uses the Flute Buster, that doubles as a sword he uses in his Demon Movement Deboss Finish and Final Movement Deboss Finish attacks and has a boomerang mode, and the D-Racer motorcycle.

Resentful Knight Endolf Resentful Knight Endolf
Endolf is an embodiment of Deboss's hatred created by Chaos after seeing that resentment is the ideal emotion to battle the Kyoryugers. Despite not being a general himself though more powerful, Endolf was to further Deboss's evolution by aiding the other Deboss Knights and targeting the Kyoryugers themselves. He tends to say "My head aches" in relating to those he hates. He is armed with the MunekagaMirror, the TekagaMirror, and the candlestick-like RosoCrusher gun that doubles as the hilt of his sword. Endolf cooperates very well with Aigallon and Canderrilla, though, he makes an enemy out of Dogold, and is distrusted by Luckyulo. Endolf ultimately ends up becoming the Raging Knight's host after being weakened at his defeat by Kyoryu Red Samba Carnival, warning Dogold that he would regret the action. By Christmas time, Endolf amassed enough hatred to manipulate Dogold and arranged his freedom with the aid of Combined Debo Yanasanta x345. Though stopped from exacting revenge by Canderrilla and Aigallon, Endolf becomes Chaos's new right hand with Dogold as his lackey. Endolf is caught off guard when Dogold turns on him and aids Utsusemimaru in destroying him. Endolf is voiced by Masaya Matsukaze, who previously portrayed Shun Namiki/Mega Blue in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

New Sorrowful Knight Icelond New Sorrowful Knight Icelond
Icelond is created by Chaos to be Aigallon's replacement. First seen as a black-cloaked faceless figure, he soon manifests a face mask to signify his role in taking over Aigallon's duty to reach the quota of sadness needed to complete Deboss's resurrection before later serving as Chaos's enforcers alongside Endolf. In battle, he uses the Shiver Sheet Music and the Despair Baton for sound-based attacks including the Explosive Musical Notes attack with Kiruborero or by solo. After Aigallon overheard the plot against Canderrilla, Icelond is sent to kill them so that they wouldn't go against Deboss. After mortally wounding Aigallon, Icelond endures every attack used on him by the Kyoryugers until he is destroyed by Kyoryu Black using Aigallon's Tohohawk.

New Joyful Knight Killborero New Joyful Knight Killborero
Killborero is created by Chaos to be Canderrilla's replacement. First seen as a white-cloaked faceless figure, he soon manifest a face mask to reach the quota of joy needed to complete Deboss's resurrection. He later serves as Chaos' enforcers alongside Endolf. In battle, he uses the AppaRappa trumpet, with which he can utilize sound-based attacks with Icelond or solo. He enlarges himself and is seemingly defeated by Plezuon. However, surviving the attempt on his life, Killborero enters the Spirit Base to destroy it from the inside before being destroyed for real by the combined efforts of Ian, Nobuharu, and Souji.

Zorima Zorima
The Zorima are the Deboss Army's foot soldiers that are based on Paramecium, scattered fragments of Deboss's body that ended up in various parts of the world and grew into human-sized creatures. Because of their origins, groups of Zorima can clump themselves together to merge into dinosaur-like monsters called Giant Zorima to combat the Zyudenryu. The Sengoku Zorima are the armored Zorima under Debo Tangosekku, armed with a sword or a bident.

Beautiful Zoreamer Beautiful Zoreamer
Beautiful Zoreamer is a Zorima that Aigallon and Canderrilla modify as part of the former's scheme to steal the color of women's beauty with his Slimy Paint Brush. He can also use his brush on the Kyoryugers to boost the powers of his Zorima supporters. Upon being defeated by Kyoryu Red Samba Carnival after upgrading himself, Beautiful Zoreamer is enlarged before he and his entourage of Giant Zorima and Cambrima are destroyed by Gigant Bragi-Oh and Pteraiden-oh Dricera.

Cambrima Cambrima
The Cambrima are guardian knights under Chaos that are based on marine life from the Cambrian period. Created from all three of the knights' towers, the Cambrima are armed with CamBlades that can become a kanabō-like weapon by Restoration Water. Though 100 times stronger than the Zorima, the Cambrima have a month-long lifespan as most are subjected as Dogold's vessels however. Dino Girls The Dino Girls are two human-like warriors who serve D, Lemnear wears white and able to fire energy beams from her fingers while Earthy wears black and is armed with a sword. They are destroyed by Kyoryu Black and Kyoryu Pink.

Gadoma Gadoma
Land Majin Gadoma is a cemetery themed giant that has the Grave Enormous Power and can shoot the Grave Shooting Beam. It was created by Deboss as a last line of defense during his battle with the Zyudenryu, seemingly wiping out the Guardians before Bragigas mortally wounded the monster. Though weakened, Gadoma drags Bragigas underground in what becomes the lake bed of Lake Madō. With fragments of its being laced around the Zyudenchi, Gadoma's core remains intact as Chaos has it fished out of the lake before it dries out when the Kyoryugers revive Bragigas. After creating a new body, Gadoma overwhelms the Kyoryugers due the curse it has over Bragigas affecting the Zyudenchi. But once the curse is broken, Gadoma is destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin as it uses the last of its power to create a portal linking the land to the darkness under it.

Demon Sword High Priest Mad Torin Demon Sword High Priest Mad Torin
Mad Torin is an evil doppelg�nger of Torin, who he considers a "lousy brother", created by Chaos as his new enforcer in keeping the portal to Deboss Hell open indefinitely. Armed with the Mad Edge, Mad Torin can use the Demon Sword Madness Flame attack. Defeated in battle by Kyoryu Silver, Mad Torin is destroyed by Gigant Kyoryuzin with the portal sealed. Mad Torin later appears from Deboss Hell during the Deboss Army's final attack on Earth, revealing Torin's actions in the Debo Monster underworld as he dies once again due to injuries delivered to him by Torin earlier.