Ian Yorkland, Kyoryu Black
Full Name: Ian Yorkland
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Black
Gear: Zyudenchi, Gaburivolver, Gaburicalibur, Parasa Shot, Deinosgrander
Zyudenryu: Parasagun

Ian Yorkland is a joyful 23-year-old cassanova who has dry wit that conceals a sad past. He was originally an archaeologist who lost his best friend Shiro Mifune in Europe during the Deboss Army's initial attack. Surviving the ordeal, Ian was found by Torin and defeated the Zyudenryu Parasagun to become Kyoryu Black. He originally was distant from the other Kyoryugers until Daigo enabled him to overcome the trauma he suffered from Shiro's death. After Ian transforms into Kyoryu Black, he announces himself as the "Bullet Brave". He has a habit of raising his hands in an "I don't know" gesture when he becomes flustered, usually followed by the phrase "Oh my!". Ian initially believed that a Debo Monster killed Shiro, but he later learns the true murderer was Aigallon. Ian is also a skilled tactician, often paying attention to small details such as Debo Bathisie's cavity beams as well as analysing the different abilities of the Zyudenchi. He is the brains of the team and stands in to lead the team whenever Daigo isn't present.