Shinya Tsukouchi, Kyoryu Gray
Full Name: Shinya Tsukouchi
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Gray
Gear: Gaburevolver, Iron-Shattering Fist
Zyudenryu: Bunpachy

Shinya Tsukouchi is a kind, young man Amy meets with, whom Tessai realizes must be his descendant in the modern era. Shinya reveals to Amy that he is actually Yuu Aoyagi, the author of Amy's favorite shojo manga Love Touch. He tells Amy he needs her to pose as the female persona to present an autograph to who he believes is a terminally ill fan, but doesn't want to do so in person to avoid ruining his image. Tessai, however, is furious that his descendant is writing a girl's manga, and decides he should force Shinya to fess up, posing as a ghost to him to make him meet the fan in person. Amy has already met the fan and discovered it is Luckyulo, who she convinces that if he helps the Earth get destroyed, Love Touch will end as well. On the way to meet the fan, Shinya comes across a woman being attacked by the Beautiful Zoreamer and uses Tessai's iconic headbutting martial arts to hold Beautiful Zoreamer off and save the woman, revealing that he writes his manga to make girls around the world happy with themselves, a fact that Tessai holds to heart as a worthy cause. Shinya later thanks Amy for her help, as Tessai watches over him. Tessai later appoints Shinya his replacement as the living Kyoryu Gray.