Transformation Gun Gaburivolver Transformation Gun Gaburivolver
The Gaburivolver is the Kyoryugers' transformation device and firearm weapon by inserting a Zyudenchi in the "mouth" of the Gaburivolver, rotating the cylinder, then point it upwards or in any other direction and pulling the trigger with the activation call "Kyoryu Change". When spinning the cylinder again it will announce "Vamola" and activate the Zyuden Brave Finish finishing attack. When two Zyudenchi are inserted, it will announce "Vamola Mucho". With a quick cocking motion, the Gaburivolver will announce "Metcha Mucho", and by spinning the cyclinder on their right arm, the Kyoryugers perform an "Armed On", summoning their personal weapons as well as spiked arm guards.

GabriChanger GabriChanger
The Gabrichanger is Kyoryu Gold's transformation device and main shooting weapon, fashioned after his partner Zyudenryu Pteragordon. Created by Wise God Torin, though it nearly killed him in the process. To transform, Utsusemimaru flips open the mouth, inserts his Beast Battery inside the slot, closes the mouth, and pulls back the trigger after announcing "Now, face my Kyoryu Change!", which makes the wing unfold. Once he does a kabuki-inspired dance, he lets go of the trigger, triggering the transformation. Once transformed, the Gabrichanger can fire bolts of electric Brave energy by pulling the trigger behind the weapon for the Lightning Gun Turbulent Shot. This technique can also be used as a smokescreen-like move, called the Dust Cloud Explosion, which throws up an obstructing cloud of dust and dirt once the bolt hits the ground. The sole wing that is also on the Gabrichanger can be used as a improvised sword that can channel Brave energy to create a beam sword to strike deeper into foes in the Lightning Flying Slash technique.

Giga Gaburivolver Giga Gaburivolver
The Giga Gaburivolver is Kyoryu Silver's transformation device and firearm weapon.

Zyuden Sword Gaburicalibur Zyuden Sword Gaburicalibur
The Gaburicalibur is the Kyoryugers' main sword-like weapon. When a Zyudenchi is inserted and cocking the sword, it will announce "Vamola" and activate the Zyuden Brave Slash finishing attack.

Gaburu Cannon Gaburu Cannon
The Gaburu Cannon is formed by combining the Gaburivolver and the Gaburicalibur into a more powerful cannon. It has machine gun and shotgun modes. Kyoryu Violet is shown to be able to extend the blade from the Gaburicaliber when in Gaburu Cannon formation for short range attacks to create the Gaburu Cannon Bayonet Mode.

Zyuden Cellphone Zyuden Mobuckle Zyuden Cellphone Zyuden Mobuckle
The Zyuden Mobuckle is the Kyoryugers' smartphone-like device which acts as a buckle which can hold up to three Zyudenchi. The Kyoryugers can use it to communicate with each other and Torin. The ringtone for the main Kyoryuger's MoBuckle is that of the chorus of the show's opening theme, while Utsusemimaru's MoBuckle uses a Japanese instrument version of the chorus for his ringtone.

Gabutyra Fang Gabutyra Fang
The Gabutyra Fang is Kyoryu Red's personal weapon, which can bite during punches with teeth as strong as Gabutyra. Its special attack is the Gabutyra Rock-Burst Punch.

Parasa Shot Parasa Shot
The Parasa Shot is Kyoryu Black's personal weapon, a beam gun that is just as fast and accurate as Parasagun.

Stego Shield Stego Shield
The Stego Shield is Kyoryu Blue's personal weapon, a powerful shield that can deflect any attack just as Stegotchi can. With this, Kyoryu Blue can perform the Stego Shield Punch.

Zakutor Slasher Zakutor Slasher
The Zakutor Slasher is Kyoryu Green's personal weapon, a three-pronged slashing claw as sharp as Zakutor's blades to slice through the enemy.

DriceLance DriceLance
The DriceLance is Kyoryu Pink's personal weapon, a powerful drill that can bore through the enemy's defenses just like Dricera.

Kentrospiker Kentrospiker
The Kentrospiker is the combination of the Kyoryugers' personal weapons, formed by using the Kentrospiker Zyudenchi as its core. It can be used as a harpoon-like projectile, thrown by Kyoryu Red when used in conjunction with a Zyuden Brave Finish.

Fang Shot Fang Shot
The Fang Shot is a combination of Kyoryu Red's Gabutyra Fang and Kyoryu Black's Parasa Shot. It can fire two bolts of energy that hits the target with Brave energy from both Gabutyra and Parasagun.

Shield Lan Slasher Shield Lan Slasher
The Shield Lan Slasher is a combination of Kyoryu Blue's Stego Shield, Kyoryu Green's Zakutor Slasher, and Kyoryu Pink's DriceLance. It has the slashing power to cut through a Cambrima with ease and has durability to withstand Endolf's shots.

Serial Electro-Beast Sword Zander Thunder Serial Electro-Beast Sword Zander Thunder
The Serial Electro-Beast Sword Zandar Thunder is Kyoryu Gold's personal sword weapon, summoned when he exclaims "Zandar Thunder, Summon!". Even though it is used as a sword, the Zandar Thunder has the capacity to be used as a rifle of sorts, though Kyoryu Gold has used it like that exceedingly rarely. Kyoryu Gold is able to load multiple Beast Batteries inside of the sword (up to three) by pulling the back of the blade open. Once a Battery inserted, he closes it, then pumps the grip on the handle to activate the Zandar Thunder's abilities. If he loads one Beast Battery in the Zandar Thunder and pumps the grip, it will announce "Zan!" and allow Kyoryu Gold to execute the Thunder Dance, where he slashes with an electrified blade, or an unnamed technique where he fires a weak stream of lightning. If he loads two Beast Batteries in the Zandar Thunder and pumps the grip, it will announce "Zander!" and allow Kyoryu Gold to execute the Lightning Shock Wave, firing a destructive pulse of electricity, or a variant of the Thunder Dance. Once three Beast Batteries are loaded into the Zandar Thunder and the grip is pumped, it allows Kyoryu Gold to unleash his finisher, the Lightning Afterglow. During this, the sword will announce "Zaaaaaaandar Thunder!" as lightning springs forth to protect Kyoryu Gold from harm should a monster try to harm him, and an energy slash roars to the target at breakneck speeds, leaving behind the words "Zandar Thunder" in English lettering in it's wake. By combining it with the Gabrichanger, it will activate the Lightning Linkage technique, paralyzing the target as so it cannot get away.

Flute Buster Flute Buster
The Flute Buster is Deathryuger's personal weapon. It is a magic flute in the shape of a boomerang.

Deinosgrander Deinosgrander
Beast Battery #12: Deinosgrander is a powerful Beast Battery that requires a physical body to use. Its powers lies in the use of the Armed Mode of a Kyoryuger, which grants the user the Deinosgrander armor, which consists of double gold spike armors on both arms and claws on the hands in the stylized image of Deinosgrander's head, with the longer upper jaw acting as the left claw, and the smaller bottom jaw acting as the right claw. When the Deinosgrander claws are clutched together and the Gaburivolver's trigger is pulled, the user can drill through layers of solid rock, as well as underground, in a fashion similar to the "death-roll" technique crocodilians use.

Gabutyra DeCarnival
Gabutyra DeCarnival
The Gabutyra DeCarnival is a sentient miniature version of Gabutyra that acts as the device Kyoryu Red uses to access Carnival form. Daigo affectionately calls it "Minityra".

GaburiCarnival GaburiCarnival
The GaburiCarnival is the combined form of Gabutyra DeCarnival and a Gaburivolver. When closing the lower jaw, it will announce "Vamola Carnival" and activate the Zyuden Carnival Finish.