Nobuharu Udo, Kyoryu Blue
Full Name: Nobuharu Udo
Ranger Designation: Kyoryu Blue
Gear: Zyudenchi, Gaburivolver, Gaburicalibur, Stego Shield
Zyudenryu: Stegotchi

Nobuharu Udo is a 32-year-old handyman who defeated Stegotchi during a trip to an ice field and gained its power to become Kyoryu Blue. His peers have taken to calling him "Nossan", much to his dismay. Previously a salaryman, the hardworking and optimistic Nobuharu moved in with his sister Yuko and his niece Rika after the untimely death of Yuko's husband Kenichi, and took over the operations of Kenichi's shop Jack-of-All-Trades Marufuku. He has a penchant for doing oyaji gags, outdated and unfunny puns which his late brother-in-law enjoyed, and which Canderrilla earnestly finds amusing, but usually makes everyone else who hears them groan. Initally, Nobuharu was hestistant to fight as he worries about his family getting caught in the crossfire. Nonetheless, Daigo convinces him that his family is a source of strength and motivation rather than a weakness preventing him from fighting. As Kyoryu Blue, Nobuharu announces himself as the "Armored Brave", and he wields the Stego Shield. He often uses sumo kiai and pro wrestling moves in battle.