Full Name: Daigo Tengensei of the Heavenly Phantom Star
Ranger Designation: ShishiRanger
Weapons: Dai Buster, Dai Rod with Fork, Lion Staff, Dairinken
Gear: Aura Changer, Lai-Lai Jewel, Green Kiber 2
Special Attacks: Chi-Power Bomber, Lion Fist, Kiri Kakure, Shishiken Mumyo Mushin
Mythical Chi Beast: Mythical Chi Beast Star-Shishi
Daigo Tengensei was twenty-four years old when the Gorma wars began again. He was the most remarkable, gentle member of the team. In the beginning, he was a bit sullen. He worked all the time at a small pet shop and loved living creatures. In episodes 3 and 4, he was the only one other than Kazu who believed Shouji and the only one who took the idea of dolls attacking people seriously. In episodes 9 and 10, it was Daigo whose soul was open to the signal from Kujaku, trapped for 6,000 years inside the Mirror Make-up Artist. He was instrumental in freeing her, but by that time he was already in love with her thanks to what Master Kaku had told him about her. In episode 16, he tried to convince her to become a gentle, kind person he heard she was before. She returned again in Episode 23, and they were trapped together. Seeing his determination and refusal to give up, she relinquished her anger and gave him her strength. He then learned that she was dying. She was determined to seek a legendary cure because he believed in her. By Episode 34, he found a cactus that he once cared for and had lost. It had, he thought, a spirit haunting it. But it happened that the cactus was given a human spirit-form by General Cactus. She died saving him and truly became a ghost. In Episode 36, Daigo followed a news report that led him to a trapped Kujaku, and he and the team fought to help her in her quest for the cure. In Episode 41, he truly did lose Kujaku. It was this open connection that Kaku had felt before in Daigo that caused him to choose him to be a Dairanger. Years after they won the war, he saw his predecessor fight a New Gorma in Dairenou.
ShishiRanger translates to LionRanger. The Star-Shishi resembles a Ancient Chinese depiction of a Lion. He specialized in an ancient form of Karate. Diago's speciality is the Lion Fist. Kiri Kakure is translated in some sources as Mist Hide and in other as Heaven Phantom Star Mist Concealment, which he can take an enemy into a dimension where he creates illusions. The mist can also be used to distract and make a getaway. While Shishiken Mumyo Mushin is Lion Fist Empty Innocence.