Full Name: Shouji Tenjusei of the Heavenly Gravity Star
Ranger Designation: TenmaRanger
Weapons: Dai Buster, Dai Rod with Axe, Pegasus Nunchakus, Dairinken
Gear: Aura Changer, Lai-Lai Jewel, Blue Kiber 3
Special Attacks: Chi-Power Bomber, Pegasus Fist, Juryoku Gyakuten Ha, Tenma Kaiten Keri
Mythical Chi Beast: Mythical Chi Beast Star-Tenma
Shouji Tenjuusei was nineteen years old when he became a Dairanger. His greatest dream in life was to become a world boxing champion. He is very playful and comical but has a strong sense of fair play. He could only apply his competitiveness to Kazu because the others were not interested in such. He wears his emotions on his shelves and never afraid to fight. In Episode 7, he was indeed frightened by Ryou's father when he overpowered three of his teammates and when Kaku asked him to look after Ryou, he did so. As a true friend, he was determined to protect him. Shouji's personal opponents were The Three Stupid Gohma, who loved to play games. And he taught them by example to put the urge to concentrate on their moral fiber above the need to cheat to win. He would have frivolous crushes on women but never never on Lin, perhaps because he regarded her more as a sister than anything. In episodes 3 and 4, he was the first to come face to face with homicidal, maniacal dolls. When no one believed him, Daigo did. In Episode 11, he had to rescue a girl he had a terrible crush on, and managed to turn a magnet-Gohma's own power against it. In Episode 32, he was trapped inside a birdcage-Gorma with a little girl he was trying to save. He managed to get out by catching a ride with it's Familiar, a huge vulture-like bird. It was in Episode 39 wherein his influence on the Three Stupid Gohma first became too strong to be denied. Because of him, they placed honor before defeating him, and may have died permanently. They remained with him, though, in spirit. Years after they won the war, he saw his predecessor fight a New Gorma in Dairenou.
TenmaRanger translates to Pegasus Ranger. Specializes in the Pegasus Fist, some sources refer to it as 'Long Fist'. Juryoku Gyakuten Ha in some sources is said to translate to Gravity Inversion Destruction and in others, it is Heaven Weight Star Gravity Inversion Destruction. In some sources Tenma Kaiten Keri is referred to as Pegasus Revolving Kicks and in others as Pegasus High Speed Spinning Kicks.