The Magically Inclined and Practically Immortal
A follower of the Mahamayuri Vidyaraja, the Peacock Buddha, and a master of kenpo. It all started when Kujaku was ten years old, her best friend was Gara and they did everything together. One day, a bunch of huge blocks fell down while they were walking. Gara protected Kujaku with her own body, and ended up with a terrible scar on her cheek. She was so miserable about it, she hid and would not play with other girls. Kujaku saw her best friend's misery and was determined to do something to help her. Kujaku went chasing for the legend the Peacock's Tears, an ancient artifact owned by the Peacock Buddha. It was said to heal all your bruises if you took just one drink from it.
The only way she could think of to be led to it, was to become a servant of the Peacock Buddha herself, so she dedicated every moment of her life to abandoning thought of herself, and to prayer. And the world tossed temptations and hazards her way, but she persevered. And then one day she opened her eyes and found her clothing had become that of the Peacock. And so she took the name of Peacock Kujaku and went off to find the Peacock's Tears for Gara. She had begun this discipline as a child, and didn't realize that about fifteen to twenty years had gone by. However doing this time, the Gorma had begun their attack and Gara was part of them. Gara's personal target was Kujaku. Eventually Kujaku fought Gara and sorely injured her. She pursued Gara until she fell. Her compassion took over and she tried to take care of Gara's injuries. Gara asked for water, praising Kujaku's beauty and kindness. But when Kujaku took the water from the lake, she paused to admire her reflection in the water and was caught within the Mirror Gohma. Gara in turn laughed. For 6,000 years, Kujaku swore revenge as she was imprisoned within the mirror. In modern times, Gara called the Mirror Gohma back in to the fray and Kujaku was freed by Daigo. Kujaku had unfortunately forgotten compassion and love during her long imprisonment, and the sight of Gara was enough to set her seeking for vengeful murder. And because of that she had a certain lack of concern for anyone else such as small children and monsters who might get in the way. Small children, large monsters, and the man who had freed her, Daigo. It took a combination of Daigo's perseverance and a little girl's compassion and kindness to give her a change of heart. She stopped her pursuit of Gara and decided to return to her pursuit of the Peacock's Tears. When she learned the reason Gara had become a Gorma, Kujaku was overcome with the compassion that her love that began her search in the first place returned. All the pollutants in the world were killing Kujaku. Even if she took her one drink from the Peacock's Tears, she would only become ill again and die. Instead she used the artifact to restore Gara's beauty. And when Kujaku passed away, she went to Heaven with the real Gara at her side. Kujaku later reappeared in spirit to restore Daigo's spirit, and to plea him not to take revenge.
[Left: Kujaku's personal arsenal. She cann throw endless feathers at her target like daggers. She keeps her two red daggers on her back hostler. Right: Peacock's Tears]
A pudgy fellow with a fondness for turtles and scared of confrontations, he witnessed the Dairangers transform when they revived Won Tiger. Six thousand years ago, he was Daimugen, a lethal weapon in the war against the Gorma. He hated to fight and loved the world, so he left the war and became human. With no memory of his previous life, he spoke in a Nagoya accent and made a living out of selling illustrations he made, dreaming of one day writing children's books.
Kameo had come to become fast friends with Kazu as Kameo was the only person who knew that Kazu was really a country boy underneath his suave exterior. Then one day he found a white crystal that happened to be his Lai-Lai Jewel, it turned him into a turtle from time to time and this frightened him. When he turned back into a human, the skin on his face had a green tinge. Eventually Rin and her great-uncle explained what was happening to him but he did not want to be involved with it. Until he found out that Kazu had been taken over by the Gorma while trying to protect Kameo, and now was in mortal danger. Kameo accepted his destiny in order to help save Kazu. He first used the crystal to power the Super Chi Power Bazooka along with Kou's jewel. Later, by using the crystal, Kameo could transform into Daimugen from yelling "Super Mythical Chi Beast, Daimugen!". It is not known what happened to him after this particular war was over.