Kidenju (Mythical Chi Beasts)
The Mythical Chi Beasts are ancient god-like animals that could be controlled by those of the Dai Tribe. "Mythical Summoning! (Name of Beast)!" is used to call on the Mythical Chi Beasts while holding the respective Lailai Jewels and Star Cutter (Byakkoshinken in Kibaranger's case) to summon them. Rin was summoned to China to get the Lailai Jewels. The spirits of four fallen Dairangers gave them the ability to combine five of the beasts.
Mythical Chi Beast Star-Tenma
Width: 24.5m
Weight: 52 tons
This Pegasus, which belongs to Shouji, can leviate boulders and throw them at its enemies and control gravity in its attack called Big Gravity. Forms Heavenly Chi Palace's right side, right leg armor for Dairen'oh, and Kibadaioh's right leg.
Mythical Chi Beast Star-Kirin
Width: 24.5m
Weight: 52 tons
The Kirin is a mythical creature which its earliest reference comes from fifth century B.C. China. Sometimes referred to as Qilin, which was also used as to name giraffes. Kirin is the Japanese name for the creature. Kazu's Kirin can shoot fireballs out of its mouth, and control time in its attack Big Time. Forms Heavenly Chi Palace's right side, left leg armor for Dairen'oh, and Kibadaioh's left leg.
Mythical Chi Beast Star-Shishi
Width: 21m
Weight: 47 tons
Daigo's lion can create mists to conceal itself and can create illusions with its attack Big Mirage, once made Lipstick Songstress believe she was being attacked by Shaddam. Forms the frontal center of Heavenly Chi Palace, Dairen'oh's helmet, body armor, belt ornament, and arm armor, and Kibadaioh's back and shoulders.
Mythical Chi Beast Star-Houou
Width: 24 m
Length: 30 m
Weight: 35 tons
Lin's phoenix can fire laser blasts and generate whirlwinds with its attack Big Whirlwind. Its design is based on the chinese mythological bird called the Fenghuang. Forms the rear of Heavenly Chi Palace, a belt for Dairen'oh and the tip of the DaiJavelin, and Kibadaioh's weapon.
Tenku Kiden (Heavenly Chi Palace)
Length: 31m
Width: 30m
Weight: 186 tons
Combination of four of the Mythical Chi Beasts, through the Shisei Gattai (Four-Star Fusion). The four of them first appeared in episode 6. Warrior Ryuuseioh can ride on it, and is capable of high-speed flight. Aside from riding on it, Ryuuseioh can fly off it through the air and perform the Heavenly Great Windmill attack. Goes on top of Heavy Armor Chi Palace.