Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger
Length: 24.5m
Weight: 52 tons
Speed: 185km
Won Tiger was revived by the combined powers of Kaku along with the five Dairangers for Kibaranger. It took a while to control and it fumbled a lot. Won Tiger's tail becomes its weapon the Golden Sword. Appeared in Episode 22. Forms the head, arms, and body of Kibadaioh. It goes inside Heavy Armor Chi Palace. Won Tiger is used to form the Heavy Chi Palace without Kibaranger in Episode 40.
Mythical Chi Warrior Won Tiger
Width: 46.5 m
Weight: 150 tons
It is armed with seven Legendary Chi Treasure Pearls in its cockpit which correlate to both the seven days of the Japanese week, as well as to the Japanese elements; Moon (equivalent for Monday), Fire (Tuesday), Water (Wednesday), Wood (Thursday), Metal (Friday), Earth (Saturday), and Sun (Sunday). Won Tiger mimics Kibaranger's attacks to fight off Gorma monsters.
Kibadaioh (Fang Great King)
Width: 63 m
Weight: 336 tons
Won Tiger can combine with the Heavenly Chi Palace to form Kibadaioh from the command of "New Star Fusion!" Some of its attacks include Great Chi Power Punch and the Smash to Atoms attack, which is performed by shooting Houou at the enemy like a missile.