Super Mythical Chi Beast Daimugen
Length: 110m
Weight: 1500 tons
Speed: 80 km
A giant tortoise who turned into Kameo to escape the fighting between the Dai and Gorma tribes. However, he resumed his true form in the present time to save his new friend Kazu was under the control of the Gorma Four Deva Kings. Since then, Daimugen appears only when the Dairanger need his aid, changing into Super Mythical Chi Warrior Daimugen to re-energize Ryuuseioh. Daimugen's fear of fighting came back with his first encounter with Daijinryuu, but he managed to overcome his fears to protect Ryuuseioh from Daijinryuu.
Judo Kiden (Heavy Armor Chi Palace)
Height: 62.53 m
Weight: 1788 tons
The most powerful Dairanger weapon of all and to destroy the toughest monsters, it is the combination of all the Mythical Chi Beasts with the command "Seven-Star Fusion". It destroys Gorma monsters with its Great Death Crush attack, where Ryuuseioh spins his Flying Dragon Rod like a propeller to raise the Heavy Armor Chi Palace into the air and slam it down on the enemy.