Daijinryuu (Great God Dragon)
Length: 500m
Weight: 50 tons
Speed: Mach 30
Daijinryuu is a sentential entity thatthe universe itself created to preserve the natural balance among the stars. He appears whenever battles like the ones between the Dairangers and the Gorma have gone too far. Daijinryuu has no contempt for either side, but has no tolerance for whoever threaten to disrupt the natural order of things.
Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh
Height: 345m
Weight: 50 tons
Daijinryuu arrived to the world in Dragon God Mode, only to transform into the bipedal Emperor Dragon Mode, with its feet as big as Daimugen's shell. Due to the considerable racket made by the Dairanger and Gorma war, it thought that the trivial war could overflow and become a threat to the rest of the universe, so it came down from the stars to tell them to stop it. The first time was when the Dairangers dealt with Great Famous Pachinko Player. And it demonstrated the "stop it or else" by taking out most of Tokyo with a plazma blast. It did not care who was good or who was evil. Kameo, who was really Daimugen, is the only one that has faced Daijinryuu before. Daijinryuu terrified Daimugen, who tried to face it anyway and only ended up getting stood on for his troubles. Its arrival forced Kaku to go to the Gorma Emperor to petition him to stop the war and when Daijinryuu made it very plain that the Gorma Emperor had no power over it, Kaku had to save the old man from falling down a very deep hole, the Emperor decided to listen to reason, and pulled in the reins on the Triumvirate. But unfortunately it only granted everyone a temporary recess. Shaddam trying to convert Kou into a full Gorma escalated matters again, and Daijinryuu returned. When the Dairangers dealt with Ikazuchi, Daijinryuu seemingly put many civilians in Tokyo under a spell, which made them bow to Daijinryuu and then jump off buildings, before Jiaxu counter-acted the spell. Daijinryuu make its final appearance to destroy the Gorma Palace, seeing that Shadam and Gorma were the ones to blame. To calm it down, the Lailai Jewels and the Great Earth Shaking Jewel, acting on their own will, were scattered to the four winds.