Gorma Minions Episodes 25-50
They are warriors of the Gorma Tribe, most had both human and monstrous forms. There are cases in which the monster overranks even Shadam himself, like the High Priest Saw. Each Gorma is a master of a Shinken style that is associated with his or her form.
Kopii Jotei
Translation: Copy Empress
A Gorma who posed as publicist, successfully taking a photo of each Dairanger. Since she found Kazu seperate, she captured him and replaced him with the copy she had made. Our heroes caught on, but not before Kaku was wounded. She then brought the others copies to life, using them to destroy the originals so they can be real. The copies were called Copy Dairanger and Copy Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh. She was killed by Dairen'oh.
Tsubo Doujin
Different Sources have different translations: Pot Taoist, Man of Jar
This monster was the first of the stronger Gorma, and you had to be extraordinarily quick and talented to escape his attack. Though the Dairanger tried to develop their skills to face him, he captured first Rin, then Shouji in his jar. And while Ryou had found someone to spar with him (Jin) on to greater heights, Kazu and Daigo were also captured. But Ryou had found the way by fighting Jin, and retrieved his friends. It was killed by Dairen'oh.
EPISODE 20, 28-31
Gorma Shitennou / Gattai Shitennou
Different Sources have different translations: The United Four Divine Lords, The Gorma Four Deva Kings
They were the 15th Gorma Emperor's most favored minions, wearing the attire of Buddhist Priests and being masters of displacement. They attempted to use their illusions to trap the Dairangers with key figures (Kujaku, Jin, 3 Idiots, and Akomaru) individually. They got control of Kazu in Episode 31 and nearly killed him. The Dairanger freed Kazu thanks to Kameo. Their teamwork skills were their greatest power, as they could merge into one deadly four-headed entity called Combined Four Deva Kings. They survived the attack of Kibadaioh twice but was the first to be killed by Heavy Armor Chi Place.
Hayakuchi Tabigarasu
Different Sources have different translations: Fast-Talking Player, Fast-Talking Vagabond, Fast-Talking Bird Of Passage
A champion talker, he uses bombs that detonate if you failed to say a tongue-twister. He was gathering children with his fishing rod to be slaves for the Gorma, crack open the gates of hell, so that the Gorma Triumvirate could drink in the power that emitted from it. It was during his part in the plan that he exposed Kou as the Kibaranger. Though killed by the Kiryouku Bazooka, his fishing rod remained and was used by the Gorma Emperor to retrieve Akomaru from Hell.
Torikago Fuuraibou
Translation: Bird Cage Vagabond
A Gorma with a golden-left leg that made him nearly invincible and his Gorma third eye was on the knee. Birdcage Vagabond's golden leg was stolen by the Dai 6,000 years ago, making him useless to the Gorma. Master Kaku hidden the leg in a jar under a lake with magic. Until recently, Birdcage wandered the world, learning Spanish words that he frequently in his sentences and drank often in his human form. He had his vulture familiar capture Shouji and a little girl to bargain the return of his leg. Within his cage was dimension of its own, where the Vulture waited for his captives to die so it could feed on them. Much like the Heatwave Gorma, the Dairanger had the danger of harming their friends inside the monster. But Zaidosu managed to get the leg back from Kaku, but Shouji sneakily escaped with the little girl, and was killed in the end by Dairen'oh anyway.
Saboten Shougun
Translation: General Cactus
A pedophillic Gorma in the service of Gara, though he has a lack of respect for her, he worked for her in a truck yard. He captured little girls and paralyzed them with his spines, kidnapping them and paralyzes them so he could dress them up and play with them like dolls. He was also rather effeminate. His paralyzing spines also were used to kill adults. Much like Company President Gravestone Gorma, General Cactus can open up his top to reveal a fire gun. Some years ago he had given a cactus a soul, and somehow it had ended up in Daigo's care. The spirit called herself Michiru, and she acted to save Daigo's life from her creator in vain. He was killed by Kibadaioh.
[Left: Torikago Fuuraibou's golden leg taken by the Dai and hidden in a jar under a lake. Right: Torikago Fuuraibou's vulture strong enough to carry Shouji and a girl in a phone booth.]
Ozutsu Gunso
Translation: Sargeant Cannon
A Gorma in the service of Zaidosu, who claimed that his cannonballs could instantly kill whomever they struck. Sergeant Cannon was not terribly bright with a shoot-first-ask-questions-later persona. But he served to capture Jin. He was killed by Kibadaioh.
Mangekyou Hakushaku
Translation: Count Kaleidoscope
A Gorma in the service of Gara, who sent him to prevent Kujaku from finding the Peacock's Tears. He could create solid illusions to set as traps, at one point making her think she had found the tears, but Daigo was in time to keep her from being killed by the poison within the fake one. He fired an intensified light-beam. He was killed by Dairen'oh.
Pachinco Daimeijin
Different Sources have different translations: Great Master of Pachinko, Great Famous Pachinko Player
A Gorma with a playful and mischievous personality who was obsessed with Pachinko. Shaddam then posssess him to cause havoc on the city and turned Kou against the Dairanger in a plan to turn Kou into a full Gorma. But this was all briefly foiled by the arrival of Daijinryuu, an irritable stellar power about 15 times as big as it. Pachinko Player was crushed to death under Daijinryuu's foot.
Translation: The New Gorma Monster
In the epilogue of the series finale after fifty years the war has ended and a new generation of Gorma emerged, including a new version of Baron String, who was simply called the New Gorma Monster. Our heroes watched in memory of their journey as their grandchildren killed this new Gorma with Dairen'oh.