Dairen'oh (Great Union King)
Some sources spells it unoffically as: Dairenou
Height: 54m
Weight: 288 tons
Combination of Ryuuseioh and the Heavenly Chi Palace by the command of Gosei Gattai (Five-Star Fusion). It is first formed in Episode 8, after the spirits of four original Dairanger gave the present Dairanger the ability to combine the five Mythical Chi Beasts. With its Daioken, it performs its finisher, the Gailing Wind Rage Waves (Strum und Drang) attack. Another attack is the Chi Kung Shot. Dairen'oh's power helped to power up GaoKing in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai'.
Daioken (Great King Sword)
This weapon is held in Dairen'oh's holster and able to perform powerful attacks.
Dai Javelin
Combination of Houou and Ryuusioh's Flying Dragon Rod.