The Gorma Tribe
8,000 years ago the military, of one of three tribes of the world, decided to take the world for themselves and destroy the other two. The Gorma are humans who have master a 'You Power' and gained the ablity to become monsters. All Gorma have a third eye. Their palace is a upside down pyramid with a eye on it, it rises from the ground in Episode 20. It harbors in between of the giant Gorma Spheres. The leader is the Gorma Emperor with many other devisions under him.
The Senate level includes Priests, Imperial Guards, the High Priest Saw and the Minister's Secretaries. The Military Level includes Shadam, Gara, Zaidosu and Jiaxu. The Kottopotero and the minor Gorma were the combat troops.
However it was revealed that most of the higher sristocracy had been killed ages before Dairanger even began. It was thought that Shaddam had secretly made clay versions of them all in a bid to be emperor himself. However as he himself turned out to be clay, it is uncertain what happened to the real Shadam and who created the clay copies. It seems that once a Gorma gains greater power their mental health is affected, as the most powerful Gorma are almost completely insane as seen with the Gorma Emperor and those before him due to the Earth Shaking Jewel.
Gorma Emperor XV
The 15th Emperor of Gorma who mysteriously resurfaced to reopen the Gorma Palace with intent to restore his crumbling empire to its former glory in episode 20. He is an extremely powerful entity, though has a bit of Alzheimer's and insanity. The Emperor was more of a sadistic, heartless creature with a child-like outlook on things. The insanity was inherent aspect of all Gorma's past 14 emperors due to power of Earth Shaking Jewel which it
supplies the Emperor's power with an unlimited supply of the "evil energy" for him to live, though only few actually know the truth. Many of the Gorma sect were unaware of this effect, not even Shadam knew. To talk to the Emperor, one must wear a brown mask to face him. Akomaru defied this but then was made to wear it. The preceding Emperor has to die in order for a new one to come into power. And that new one has to be of specific Gorma blood line. To access the emperor, the Gorma have to go to an area of area of rectangular bars that rise and lower. The Emperor was the one to fish Shadam's son Akomaru out of hell. The Emperor got more serious when he saw Shadam's intent to overthrow him. He was hoping for Shadam to fall to their enemies for him to rule the world forever. But when Shadam demanded the Earth Shaking Jewel, the Emperor refused and attempted to use it to kill Shadam himself. However, The Emperor's own conceit was a flaw as Shadam revealed he recreated the Emperor from clay, only letting him live until Shadam became Emperor himself and Gorma's official leader. With that revelation, Shadam managed to steal the Earth Shaking Jewel while the former Emperor is reduced to clay dust.

The Gorma Triumvirate
Trio generals (Shadam, Gara, and Zaidosu) who lead the attack and wear leather.

Lt. Colonel Shadam
The leader of the Gorma Triumvirate and Kou's and Akomaru's real father. He was the one who spear-headed the Gorma attack against the Dai Tribe in China. Shadam's life was one of frustrated dreams. Power was his only comfort and rising higher in status was his only aim. He wanted to become the 16th Gorma Emperor, deposing of the competition in anyway possible. His skin turns metallic silver when in fighting form (first witnessed in Episode 14), his eyes are closed but he can someone still see. He somehow fathered twins from a woman who hid one child to save it. She was eventually imprisoned by his son Akomaru and when he found out, he told them both they were related. He then found out that Kibaranger was his other son Kou. Shadam revealed was responsible for making clay copies of the Gorma higher ups, they died years ago. He eventually realized his dream and the power of the Gorma Emperor once he defeated Jiaxu and disposed the previous one he resurrected and allowed to live until his goal was achieved.
He can also assume a fighting form, with a mask that practically covers his face. First appears in Episode 47.
As Gorma Emperor XVI, he intended to use the Great Earthshaking Jewel to takeover the world despite suffering its mind-warping effects, but he had the Dairangers to deal with. But when Daijinryuu appears, the Earth Shaking Jewel went away from Shadam in order to appease Daijinryu's wrath. A maddened Shadam attempted to escape, only to be encountered by Ryou in a one-way knife duel between them. Shadam lost and died on his own knife, revealing that he was actually a clay figure himself made long ago. As his body crumbled to dust, only an human eye ball remained among the pile of dirt. It is not known what happened to the real Shaddam and who created the copies.
Major Zaidosu
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Zydos
Even though the brutal strongman, he was prone to deep thinking. He was a key player amongst the Gorma because of his power and he could create extremely dangerous new Gorma. He transformed Jin to a extremely powerful Gorma. He believed utterly in Shadam as his leader, but was also prone to conducting his own plans. He has trouble controlling the Three Gorma Idiots as they tend to botch the plans due to their competitive nature. His skin turns metallic silver when in fighting form \(first witnessed in Episode 14), his eyes are closed but he can someone still see. He grew giant and was nearly killed by Heavenly Chi Palace, but retreated. During the match between Shadam and Jiaxu, Zaidosu was sent to destroy the power booster Jiaxu intended to use in the match. Though he barely survived the Heavy Armor Chi Palace a second time, Zydos died when he turned into his true form as clay figure, created by Shadam as he remembered him, in episode 48.
Lt. Colonel Gara
Gara was born human and was a member of the Dai Tribe, and she joined the Gorma willingly, which is the only way to join. She was vicious and cruel. Her skin turns metallic gold when in fighting form (first witnessed in Episode 14), her eyes are closed but she can someone still see. She knew how to use people's vanity against them better than anybody. She knew just how vanity ran deep in every person. For when she was only ten years old, she and her best friend Kajuku were walking along together by a wall people was being built. There was an accident and huge blocks came tumbling down. Gara shielded her friend with her own body and her face was scarred by a great slash. She refused to play with other children, and then her best friend disappeared. Gara never saw her again, at least until they were both adults. Until after she had become a Gorma and started helping in the subjagation of her former people. Kujaku came back, the woman who had been the girl Gara was scarred trying to protect. Astoundingly beautiful, alive with power and aligned with the Peacock Buddha angered Gara. Gara tricked her, using her vanity and trapped her within the Mirror Makeup Artist Gorma. It pleased her no end that when Kujaku finally was freed. They were relentless in finishing each other. She did not know that she was actually a copy of the original Gara, created by Shadam as he remembered her.
She makes a copy of her self called Wraith Gara for a short time in episode 41. She made it by dripping her own blood onto a small doll made of straw. During the final battle, Gara learned the truth that she is just a copy when the real Gara used her power to reduce Gara to dust in episode 49.
Gorma grunts in black tuxedo tights with lipped but otherwise blank black and white faces. They would disguise as humans and serve virtually any Gorma, including the Three Gorma Idiots, serving as players in their various games. The group were later summoned by Zaigan during 'Super Sentai World'.
Red-dressed Cotpotros the Dairanger faced in the palace in the finale.
Metal Faced Jiaxu and Zilong
The armors of Jiaxu and Zilong are brought to life and are metal-color by Shaddam who sends them against the Dairanger in Episode 49. They are defeated by Shouji, Kazu and Ryou and disappear.