Gorma Minions Episode 12-23
They are warriors of the Gorma Tribe, most had both human and monstrous forms. There are cases in which the monster overranks even Shadam himself, like the High Priest Saw. Each Gorma is a master of a Shinken style that is associated with his or her form.
Toufu Sennin
Different Sources have different translations: Immortal Toufu, Tofu Hermit
He could turn anything he touched into a strong drink. He sends out Cotpotros out as tofu vendors who sell tofu laced with strong sake intoxicating many civilians. He, like Kazu, is a master of drunken fist fighting technique. He led revelers through the streets and ruined businessmen. When he can blow fire at his enemies in his human state and blows liquor from a horn. He and Kazu engaged in a drinking contest, which he would have won except fo Kazu's friends making sure the clear drink was just water and not sake. Kazu did manage to get him pretty drunk and socked him with his Kirin Bomb Punch. He was killed by Dairen'oh.
Kabuki Kozou
Different Sources have different translations: Kabuki Novice, Kabuki Preistling
Kabuki is a form of traiditonal Japanese theatre known for the stylisation of its drama and for the elaborate make-up worn by its performers. This Gorma was so obsessed with Kabuki, that he had incorporated it into his character.
He could possess or injest people to gain full-control over any special talents they had, like boxing and kendo, which presented the Dairangers with difficulty when they had to face him without killing the person he possessed. He mostly seemed to be after money, as he targeted banks. He was pursued by Yufang for abducting his fiance, Shoukyou, to lend his Kabuki talent greater authenticity when playing feminine roles. He was wounded by the Dairenkens and killed by Dairen'oh. As for his name, 'Priestling' could incorporate that he is a novice at being a priest.
Haniwafukuwajusshi Haniwa
Different Sources have different translations: Haniwa Ventriloquist Defense Teacher
Haniwa Ventriloquist was under Gara's service. One of the hardest Gorma to kill because everytime he was broken into pieces, he would reassemble. The small puppet would turn children at a playground into clay statues. Kujaku hypnotized a little girl Daigo knew so she would be invulnerable to the changing magic and lure the Gorma to her. He tied ropes to Daigo and treated him like a puppet. Only Kujaku could tell them how to defeat him. The real Haniwa Ventriloquist was the small puppet, who controlled the adult size one and once he was defeated, the big one was too. The small one then grew giant into his true form. who was finally killed by Dairen'oh.
Kagerou Zukin
Different Sources have different translations: Heatwave Hood, Heat Haze Hood
This male Gorma managed to injest Kujaku and Daigo, using them as hostages. Trapped and being baked alive within him, instead of giving up, Daigo decided to literally punch his way out. His teammates were faced with a choice of killing the monster with them inside, or letting the monster go.
Giantic Heat Wave Hood
Daigo almost made his own way out, with Kujaku's help but Gara couldn't take it anymore so she chopped off this gorma's head and he exploded, releasing the two captives. When this gorma grew, the monster took off his veil revealing a flame-like face. His hood came off before but he put it back on. Heat Wave Hood was killed by Dairen'oh.