Mythical Chi Beast Ryuuseioh
Length: 82m
Weight: 102 tons
Ryuuseioh was in hands of the Gorma, probably when Ryou's father went to their side. Kaku rescued Ryuuseioh and took him with him. Ryuuseioh chose Ryou as the Ryuranger in episode 1, the Mythical Chi Beast fought the Baron String Gorma on its own. Like the other Mythical Chi Beasts, Ryou creates a laser laso from his Daibuster to rope around Ryuuseioh's horns to climb on him and ride him. At first, Kaku had to use his chi energy to control Ryuuseioh, until Lin was transported to China to find the five Heavenly Treasure Lai-Lai Jewels and revived the other four Mythical Chi Beasts. An injured Ryuuseioh hid in the temple where Lin went to and he showed her where the jewels were. Ryuuseioh controls fire and lightning. He can breath streams of fire from his mouth called Big Blaze. Helped out in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai'.
Mythical Chi Warrior Ryuuseioh
Width: 34.5m
Weight: 102 tons
He can transform into a warrior by the command Bujin Henge (Warrior Change). As a warrior, he can use the Flying Dragon Rod to perform the Windmill Kick, where he spins and kicks holding on to the stable rod; Super Windmill is when he spins the rod to make a red flurry of wind, and the Great Windmill Slice attack where he slices the enemy with the previously mentioned attack. The other Dairangers can join Ryuranger in Ryuuseioh's cockpit.