Kiber Machines
The motorbikes' ornaments are based on the Dairanger's Mythical Chi Beasts. They seem to have minds of their own, evident from the first one when the Red Kiber 1 chase Ryou when he first was in the hideout. Their names are Red Kiber 1, Green Kiber 2, Blue Kiber 3, Yellow Kiber 4 and Pink Kiber 5. All five are briefly seen in episode 1, Red Kiber 1, Green Kiber 2, and Yellow Kiber 4 are seen in action in episode 2. Pink Kiber 5 is seen in Episode 11. Shouji mostly uses his own motorcycle through the series but his motorcylce does become Blue Kiber 3 in Episode 40 where it is prominently featured in a motorcycle race against General Kamikaze.