Full Name: Kazu Tenijsei of the Heavenly Time Star
Ranger Designation: KirinRanger
Weapons: Dai Buster, Dai Rod with Conical Spear, Kirin Nine Section Staff, Dairinken
Gear: Aura Changer, Lai-Lai Jewel, Yellow Kiber 4
Special Attacks: Chi-Power Bomber, Jikan Kaeshi, Zutsuki Otoshi, Kirin Bakudan Panchi
Mythical Chi Beast: Mythical Chi Beast Star-Kirin
Kazu Tenjisei was nineteen when he became a Dairanger, a confident striking hair-salon stylist always impeccably dressed, groomed, moving. The supposedly cool city boy was actually a country boy. He ran away from his native town when he was fifteen years old. A little old lady selling ramen from her street-stall noted this fragile boy staring longingly and very lost nearby, and took pity on him. If it hadn't been for her, he would probably have returned home. But Kazu turned himself into a cultured city-boy. He was a great dancer, he had mastered the Drunken Fist fighting style. And odd though as it may seem, he had a tendency to go rushing into battle when perhaps he should have thought it through.
In Episode 12, wherein he faced the Immortal Tofu in a drinking contest. But his teammates had made certain his drink was clean. In episode 25, his photograph was taken by the Copy Empress Gorma, who then produced his evil twin. However good the copy was, it was still flawed, and when it faced the real Kazu alone, was destroyed. During the episodes 28-31, he became friends with Kameo, who was the only person to learn Kazu's secret of being a country boy. The two became fast friends, and in episode 31, when the secret was discovered even Kameo didn't know about himself, Kazu was captured and tormented, nearly to death, by a powerful set of evil Gorma. He was saved by Kameo who accepted his identity as Daimugen. He was always there for his group. It was Kameo who encouraged Kazu to fight. Years after they won the war, he saw his predecessor fight a New Gorma in Dairenou.
The Kirin is a mythical creature which its earliest reference comes from fifth century B.C. China. It resembles a giraffe, it is referred to as Qilin, which was also used as to name giraffes. Kirin is the Japanese name for the creature. Kazu specializes in the Kirin Fist. His Kirin Nine Section Staff resembles a chain, it is sometimes referred to as the Kirin Nine-Part Whip. In some sources Jikan Kaeshi is simply Time Reversal and in another it is Heaven Time Star Time Reversal. The attack, when Kazu believes he has made a mistake, he reverses time to beat the foe. Zutsuki Otoshi is Headbutt Drop, and Kirin Bakudan Panchi means Kirin Bomb Punch which is when his lists become engulfed in bright yellow light and channel electricity.