Aura Changer
The two-piece transformation brace of the five Dairangers. It is activated by extending a key from the right piece and inserting it into the left piece. The transformation call is "Chi-Power Heaven Transform!, Aura Changer." The left piece can also be used as a communication device. Whoever at the headquarters can communicate to the Aura Changers through a two-way talk radio.
Star Sword
A longsword that becomes the barrel of the Daibuster. It is also used for the Mythical Chi Beast Summon. Each of the main five Dairangers has one.
Star Cutter
A dagger that can used for short attacks, becomes the grip of the Daibuster. Each of the main five Dairangers has one.
Dai Buster
A laser gun that is formed when the two sidearms are combined. It can be used to fire a laser rope so that the Dairangers can board their Mythical Chi Beasts.
Dai Rods
A red staff that each of the five Dairangers possess. Each Dairanger possesses an individual blade that can be attached to their Dairen Rod or Dairinkens, seen later. Ryou has a halberd, Daigo has a antler-like dork, Shouji has an axe, Kazu has a conical spear and Lin has a multi-blade spear which is round and made of multiple parts. They can also magically transform into their own distinct individual weapons.
Double Dragon Swords
Ryou's Dai Rod transforms into two long swords. First appears in Episode 4.
Lion Staff
Daigo's Dai Rod transforms into staff. First appears in Episode 4.
Pegasus Nunchaku
Shouji's Dai Rod becomes two Nunchakus. First appears in Episode 4.
Phoenix Spear
Lin's Dai Rod transforms into a spear. First appears in Episode 4.
Kirin Nine Section Staff
Some sources lists it as Kirin Nine-Part Whip. Kazu's Dai Rod becomes this chain-linked weapon that can be used to choke his foes. First appears in Episode 4.
Chi-Power Bomber
The first finishing technique used by the Dairangers. They gather their Chi power and fire it towards the enemy.
Heavenly Treasure Lailai Jewels
The Dairanger needed the Lailai Jewels to control the Mythical Chi Beasts and even call forth the remaining four. They summoned Lin to a desert in China where she found a cave Kazu showed them in a vision. The Gorma got in their way and the area where the jewels were kept was caved in. Eventually Lin used her powers to release the jewels and they gained the Heavenly Chi Palace. They recieved the jewels in Episode 6. The two other Lai-Lai Jewels belong to Kou and Kameo, whose is more like a crystal. To appease Daijinryuu's wrath, the Lai-Lai Jewels left the Dairangers along with the Great Earth Shaking Jewel. Only 50 years later, the five primary jewels resurfaced in possession of the new Dairangers.
Dairinkens (Big Wheel Blades)
Circular bladed weapons given to the Dairangers by Grandmaster Yufang, first seen in Episode 13. By using their Chi power, they are able to launch them from their palms. When used altogether, the Dairangers can perform the finishing technique Dairinken Chi Power Shot. Each Dairanger had two of them and on one they could attach their Dai Rod blade. The blades are so sharp that Yufang could use it to chop onions.
Kiba Changer
Kou's own transformation device. It has a golden key that is inserted into a brace similar to the Aura Changer's left piece. The henshin phrase is "Chi-Power Heavenform! Kiba Changer." Grandmaster Yufang created the changer, Byakoshinken told Kou to find it in Lin's apartment. It was in a bag, taped to the back of a photo of the five friends. Yufang probably placed it there without Lin knowing.
Byakkoshinken (White Tiger Sword)
An enchanted talking saber that was in Beijing Opera actress Shokyou's custody (Episode 14) and Grandmaster Yufang placed within a stone until the one chosen to wield it arrives. Many people was after it, including Akomaru. The Byakkoshinken himself called Kou through telepathy and Kou removed the weapon from its resting place. The sword spoke for Kou when he was the Kibranger in order to conceal his true indentity. He can fly through the air and he co-piloted Won Tiger. He could also control Kou's body while fighting as Kibaranger. He teaches Kou how to fight and basically is the boy's companion and confidant. Byakkoshinken knew Kaku and Kou's mother. Byakkoshinken was an integral part of Kou's mother spell to rid Kou of the Gorma influence, to allow him to live a life free.
Super Chi-Power Bazooka
The team's upgraded finisher, received in Episode 30. A dragon themed bazooka given to the Dairangers by Grandmaster Yufang, it was first called the Chi-Power Bazooka. The five core Dairangers' Lailai jewels become larger balls that are placed in a special slot to power it, two Star Swords are placed at the sides and a Star Cutter is put in the back. In Episode 31, it is empowered by Kou and Kameo's Lai Lai Jewels and from then on, referred to as the Super Chi-Power Bazooka.