Full Name: Kou Hoshinsei of the Howling New Star
Ranger Designation: KibaRanger
Weapons: Byakkoshinken
Gear: Kiba Changer, Lai-Lai Jewel
Special Attacks: Midare Yambiko, Kiba Tosshin, Shiro Tora Issen
Episode Appearances: 17-20, 22, 24, 28-31, 33-35 (briefly), 37-38, 42-50
Mythical Chi Beast: Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger
Kou Koushinsei first appeared in Episode 17, and continued to be a major player through 18 to 20, taking a brief break then reappearing in 22 to get his Star Beast. Then in episodes 28 through 30, when our heroes finally found out he was the Kibaranger until the story arc of episodes 42 through 44. He was nine years old when he began hearing a voice, that called him in the night. Curious and excited, he followed the voice's commands, meeting Lin, driving her totally up the wall, and stealing into her apartment to find the hidden last changer given her by her uncle. At their first meeting, he grabbed Lin's breasts and looked up her skirt while he was riding his skateboard. The voice led him to a temple, where he first encountered the boy who would become his personal nemesis, Akomaru of the Gorma. The voice led him to pull a sword from a stone, and become the sixth Dairanger, the Kibaranger. The voice belonged to his sword, Byakoshinken. Kou then became the best-kept secret in the world, except that the Gorma Akomaru knew that the Kibaranger was a boy about his own age, and knew he had the mark of a tiger branded into his upper right bicep. And he found Kou, but for his own reasons took that secret to the grave. Master Kaku was probably the only one that knew his identity as he knew Byakkoshinken.
New to fighting, he is not particularly strong. The KibaChanger allow him to assume an adult-form as KibaRanger. He originally kept his identity as Kibaranger a secret from the other Dairangers, and the Byakkoshinken often spoke instead of Kou, but after the other Dairangers learned of his identity, he began to speak on his own and joined the team. For the first four years of his life, his mother had poured every ounce of love into every moment of his life, until the day came when she burned that tiger into his arm. She never explained why, and she disappeared very shortly after that, leaving her little boy in the care of a pair of green grocers who assumed she was dead. Kou was sure she was not dead, and as his tenth birthday approached, was seized by a compulsion to find her. This compulsion was laid by her. Kou's father was a Gorma, and if she did not meet her son before his birthday, so would he become a Gorma, no matter what anyone wanted. He did not know this and also, he did not know that Shadam was his father. His birthday fell on Christmas and once Shadam realized he was half Gorma, he wanted to recruit him to the Gorma. The great love of Kou's life was Lin. To him, she was both a replacement for the mother he had lost, and a dream of marriage of his own. He was horrendously jealous of her time, but under her influence, became a gentler, saner boy than he had been before. He specializes in sound-based attacks. When Master Kaku revealed his true colors in episode 45, Ryou asked Kou to stay behind much to his dismay. Master Kaku took Kou's Lailai Jewel by force. In episode 46, he was by his team's aid along with Kameo. He couldn't transform into Kibaranger. In Episode 47, the Dairanger's Aura Changers had been taken by Kaku and they tried to get on with their lives. Kou tells Lin he wants to fight again but she tells him to forget about it. He mentions that his mother wanted him to continue fighting as Kibaranger, it was her dying wish. In Episode 48, the Dairanger got their Aura Changers and Lailai jewels back and the Kiba Changer was with the others and he was able to transform once again. He fought alongside them against Zaidosu. In episode 50, he joined with his teammates against Shaddam as the Gorma Palace fell apart. In the epilogue, fifty years have passed and a picture of Kou as an older man is seen in Lin's apartment. Kibaranger translates to Fang Ranger. His attacks include the Midare Yamabiko, which in one source lists as Riot Echo and in another as the Howling New Star Chaos Echo. Kiba Tosshin in some source is said to translate to Fang Rush but in another as Fang Punch. Shiro Tora Issen is referred to as White Tiger Flash in one source and in another as White Tiger Bolt of Lighting, which can both be accurate.