Redeemable Gorma
The following Gorma were at one point evil but not necessarily throughout the entire series and had redeemable qualities.
EPISODE 15, 24, 40, 47
San Baka Gorma
Different Sources has Different Translations:
Three Idiot Gorma, Three Mystery Gorma, Three Stupid Gorma
Bakusousei Kamikaze Taishou
Full Translated Name: Explosive Nebula General Kamikaze
The motorcycle-themed leader of the group who rides a motorcycle. He tends to use "baby" a lot in his sentences. Perhaps the closest to Shouji.
Hakaishi Shachou Kokuyouse
Full Translated Name: Company President Gravestone
The second in command of the group, could open his headstone-like head to reveal a variety of things such as a spying monitor, a lighter that lets go fire,.
Dendensei Denwa Sensei
Full Translated Name: Electric Nebula Teacher Miss Telephone
Kamikaze's telephone-themed girlfriend, able to control any phone to spy on people or attack from long distances.
Gorma in the service of Zaidosu, though their foolishness deemed them at lowers ranks. Their title 'Yuumeimujitsusankaijin' translates to 'The Celebrated False.' They loved to play games. They first arrived in Episode 15. They kidnapped Ryou's sister, Youko, and held her hostage to get Ryou to play a deadly soccer game with them. They lost. In Episode 24, they challenged Shouji, who was seen as the most competitive of the rangers, to a baseball game. They spun Shouji a story about how Zaidosu would kill them if they didn't win this time, but if they did win, they would be allowed to quit the Gorma. All that they wanted was for Shouji to throw the baseball game. The Dairanger would be wearing explosive helmets, but they swore the explosives would be fakes. Shouji decided to accept their word. Shouji found just in time that they were lying, much to his fury. The three were remorseless, since the game was well underway, there was no quitting. But much to their dismay, they lost. For despite everything, he had developed an attachment to them, and felt betrayed. Though they survived both fights, the trio ended up being bandaged up. In Episode 40, they went after Shouji, this time challenging him individually but with the others in the triad as cheering sections. Sumo against President Tombstone. Boxing with Miss Telephone. And a motorcycle race with General Kamikaze.
Zaidosu had gotten tired of watching this and finally there was only one thing he could think of to do. Crossing the finish-line of the race would kill him, Zaidosu had set explosives. General Kamikaze was to throw the race if necessary. But he couldn't. He found he could not dishonor Shouji again and not to mention he wanted to win. Despite knowing he blow up, General Kamikaze lived up to his name. His two friends, deeply loyal to him, raced out to try to stop him. The explosion was tremendous, and left nothing but flames. And Shouji grieved for the threesome. But they were not exactly dead. They delivered to him a banner, with their encouragement written all over it. They all have a sense of competition and honor. Furthermore, to make them less respectable, none of them can assume human form like their fellow Gorma. Overall, they might as well be classified as ally kaijin because deep down they did not want to kill the Dairanger, just defeat them in contests and sports. And near the end of the story, they appeared to him in a vision to give him courage.
Medeia Majusshi
Translation: Media Sorcerer-Teacher
Some sources switch Sorcerer with Magician
A Gorma in the service of Gara, he posed as a photographer named Shouichirou Takamura. He was supposed to steal Lin's soul while she was vainly letting him take millions of photographs of her. Each photograph punctured a hole in her soul. The photos, the media equipment, would drain her power, pass it through a monstrous filter and dump it into humans, who would then become deadly monsters under the control of the Gorma. He laughed about it, amused that he could so easily fool Lin . He was injured fighting them, and had to retreat. He went back to the studio to supervise the last operation which would kill Lin . Her singing debut was going to be broadcasted live so that her power would drain into them and be lost completely. She took care to bandage the bleeding wound. He was touched in spite of himself, she seemed so sincere.
So he asked her as she left to do the song, why did she smile all the time. And she told him that it was because she liked him. And as he watched her singing, fighting her own exhaustion to do it well, he realized she did this not for her vanity, but for him. And he raced into the studio to drag her out of there, the song unfinished. To get her away before she could be killed by the steady drain of her soul. And he told her what he was, and though she refused at first to believe him, she had to when he fell to his knees in the sand and wailed why he had to be born Gorma. So she came to him and assured him that, Gorma or not, he was Takamura and she loved him. And they were about to kiss when Gara arrived, peeved but neither of the lovers would yeild the other to her. Lin 's power was too drained, she could not transform, so Takamura defended her transforming into his Gorma-form to fight Gara. And Gara shot him, so he died in Lin 's arms. And dying said to Lin he wished to be reborn as a human, so he could see her smiling face once again. Gara sneered at all this and blamed his death on the weakness of love. Lin promised she would remember Takamura forever, and always treasure their short time together. Gara used his lifeless body as a giant puppet, which was destroyed by Dairen'oh.