Doushi Kaku
Translation: Master Kaku
Disciplined in the art of Kiryoku power for 6,000 years of study, Kaku gathered the five youths to be the Dairanger and trained them in every way he could. Along with Roudoushi Guhon (Rin's great-uncle) who he had became student of, they created weapons for combat the Gorma. He was said to be Rin's uncle, it is not known if was through blood or just a friendly title. Chouryou, Ryou's father, who had asked Kaku to protect his wife and son, came to retrieve Kaku dead or alive. He had locked Ryou in a closet after Chouryou captured Rin, Kazu and Daigo and went to face Chouryou himself. Kaku was injured and Ryou had escaped, was captured as well. Chouryou did not know Ryou was his son and Kaku revealed to him the truth. Even Chouryou knew that even if the team's time together was short, Ryou was already Kaku's favorite. The Gorma wanted Kaku but the Dairanger did not know why specifically. As their journey continued, the Dairanger little suspected Kaku's deadly secret. He was once one of the enemy, Kaku was the Chief Officer Jiaxu, he was to be the 16th emperor.
Being a Gorma, one has to sell their soul to the devil for power but the price of selling your soul would be much more dire if or when you became more powerful but, you were still a slave. He certainly didn't want to be anyone's slave so he defected to the Dai. He took with him the captured Chi Beast Ryuuseioh once Chouryou betrayed the Dai with no one the wiser. Kaku maintained his contacts within the Gorma, ones who felt the same as he did about the tribe. Kaku hid his third eye, which all Gorma had, under a headband with the same color as his outfit. Shaddam wanted to be the next Emperor and couldn't be as long as Kaku existed because he was the next in line. Kaku relinquished his freedom in order to save the world. He was forced to return to the Gorma. He let his beloved students think he had betrayed them, to disarm them to compel Shadam stop the war. He tried to overthrow Shadam by using the Tower of You Power and the Tower of Chi Power as boost. Gara and Zaidosu destroyed these powers. Forced to fight to the death, and despite his best efforts he was defeated by Shadam and died in his students' arms in episode 48. He later appeared in spirit to the Dairangers in episode 50, telling them Gorma must be thwarted rather than be destroyed. His students stopped the Gorma at last, and the world was not destroyed.
Chief Officer Jiaxu
Jiaxu's Gorma red armor. He can lower his helmet and his third eye is prominent.
Shiryuu Chuui
Other sources says it translates to: First Lieutenant Zilong
Title: Young Dragon of the Armed Forces Class
A member of the Marching Men, one of the leaders of the Imperial Guard and a supporter of Kaku amongst the Gorma. He has immense strength. With his eye beams, he can toss the Dairanger hither and yonder. He fought the Dairanger, Gara and Zaidosu. He utterly believes in Kaku and considered it was worth his life to try to help him. He dies fighting Dairen'oh to Kaku's horror. He appears in Episodes 45 and 46.