Akomaru and his servants
Son of Shadam, though the two despise each other fiercely. Akomaru is actually ranked higher than his father, who wanted nothing to do with him. Akomaru also has an ability for subtlety and planning that Shaddam seems to be lacking. That maybe due to the fact that he was raised by the old Tenpou Shogun and cared for by the Three Ladies, who treated him more as an adult than a child. He may be the only child among the Gorma and the only one that has not lived over six-thousand years. He wants to replace his father as the Gorma military leader. He first appears in episode 17 to stop and take the power of the Kibaranger, that Shaddam and the Dairanger were both after. He knew they were looking for a boy his age, with a tiger burned into his right arm. After some passing time, became aware of their relation and wanted Kou to fight by his side as brothers. Knowing only hate, he disguised himself as a girl Kou liked. He wanted Kou to experience the hate, further the tiger brand he had to contain the Gorma power. Akomaru's experience was that if your mother hated you enough to leave you, and your father loathed you so much he would attack you and threaten to kill you, there was no other thing to do but to hate them. The one thing Akomaru could never quite grasp was why Kou did not hate. Unfortunately, Akomaru saw that Kou seemed unable to hate and it annoyed him.
Akomaru was killed when he was crushed by a boulder in episode 22, with Kou at his side. Later the Gorma Emperor brought Akomaru back from Hell prior to his tenth birthday by fishing him out in episode 31. When a Gorma child becomes ten, Akomaru and Kou come into their adult power as Gorma. Akomaru's third eye was preparing to open on his forehead. Akomaru gave the Dairangers quite a battle when he rode atop his bodyguard Ikazuchii that day. After Ikazuchii died, they found out the truth about his mother. That she had not abandoned him out of disgust for him, but in a determined effort to save his life. And that made all the difference in the world to him. Akomaru learned the truth that mother abandoned him because of a taboo that one twin must be killed so the other can have the power of both. Akomaru had been a Gorma all his life. He knew how to manage the hate and power he held. To know suddenly that he had been loved by his mother, loved so much she had given up the power that she could have had. She loved him so much that she had kept the secret of his existence. She had exposed Kou rather than Akomaru. That was when Shaddam turned on Akomaru completely and was mortally wounded in episode 44. He limped into the cave collapsing on itself and dying in the embrace of his dying mother with the knowledge that for the first time ever, he was loved.
Tenpou Shogun
Translation: General Tenpou
A Gorma who is second in command to the Emperor and Akomaru's teacher and guardian. Appeared in episode 17. He was the one who kept Akomaru and Kou's mother prisoner. He was killed in episode 48 by Shadam when Tenpou saw what he was doing to a resting Gorma XV and noticed the clay hand that exposes the Emperor as a clay copy.
Lady Earring
She can shoot her hair to grab opponents in a constrictor hold. She was mortally wounded by Kibaranger through his sound attack after she found out his true identity, she died from massive bloodloss before she give the knowledge to Akomaru.
Lady Necklace
Able to extend her neck to great lengths and possesses telescopic vision in her third eye. She disguised as the abusing and indifferent mother of the girl Kou had a crush on. She was killed by the Dairen'oh.

Akomaru's Three Ladies
Three sisters who served as Akomaru's bodyguards and nannies. They arrived with him in Episodes 17 and 18.
Lady Ring
She was able to create energy rings to lasso her opponents. After her two sisters died, Lady Ring vowed to avenge them. Using their possessions, Lady Ring could create 'phantom' versions of her sisters to fight with her. She was the first to be killed by Kibadaioh.
EPISODE 40 to 42
Translation: Thunder
Akomaru's insectoid bodyguard that he rode on his back, later fought the Dairangers. He obtained his name from the fact that he can fire lightning from parts of his body, powerful enough to attract Daijinryuu and the Gorma-infested Kibaranger's attention. He was winning until Kibaranger was purified and rejoined the team, thus killing giant Ikazuchi with the Heavy Armor Chi Palace.