Gorma Minions Episodes 1-11
They are warriors of the Gorma Tribe, most had both human and monstrous forms. There are cases in which the monster overranks even Shadam himself, like the High Priest Saw. Each Gorma is a master of a Shinken style that is associated with his or her form.
Enlargement Bombs
The Gorma had a small bomb that when they pulled off the top, it would cause an explosion to enlarge themselves. In the first episode, Gara had a suitcase full of these bombs.
EPISODE 1-2, Movie
Himo Danshaku
Different Sources have different translations: Baron String, Baron Belt
The first Gorma, took on the form of a boy who sang an old love song while playing with his yo-yo. He ingested people through the mouths at the end of his tentacles. He took a little girl Ryou knew. He was supposedly the Master of the Himoshinken (Fist of the String) fighting style but was a bit rusty because he hadn't used it for years. Once Ryuranger brought him down, the children he captured were released. He was the first to be killed by Ryuuseioh. He was brought back in the movie by Duke of Trumps to battle the Dairangers and merged with Duke of Trumps to become the Great King Ojaru.
EPISODE 2, Movie
Gamaguchi Houshi
Translation: Purse Priest
A Gorma in the service of Zaidosu and served as an executioner for Gorma sacrifices. As a human, he was tall and handsome athlete who played basketball. He kidnapped a friend of Shouji. He targeted children. He sent seemingly hundreds of gourds flying at his victims. The victim's body was under total control once engulfed by these gourds, that resembled smiling faces. He also disguised as a grim reRin was made victims of these and they and the other victims were freed by slicing the gourd in half. He disguised as a grim reaper to kill Lin. He was killed by the Dairanger's Chi-Power Bomber before he had a chance to grow giant. He was brought back by Duke of Trumps in the movie to battle the Dairangers and then became part of the Great King Ojaru.
EPISODE 3-4, Movie
Different Sources have different translations: Key Jester, Mr. Keyist
A difficult Gorma to catch, he spent most of his time rolling about on rollerblades, choosing children and stealing their souls to give life to his homicidal and relentlessly bloodhthristy puppet-like dolls. These puppets were beyond menacing. Tis Gorma had many keys and unlocked children in the chest and stole a large orb representing their soul. He could use his head key as scissors and flap to fly. Killed by the Dairangers. He was brought back by Duke of Trumps to fight the Dairangers and then absorbed by him to become Great King Ojaru.
Nokogiri Daisoujou
Different Sources have different translations: High Priest Saw, Archbishop Saw
An insane Gorma of higher rank than the Gorma Triumvirate, he was strong enough for the turn the original Ryuranger and become his master. His human form was called Riju. He became Saw in episode 8. After his pupil Chou Ryou failed to kill the Dairangers, Riju tried to kill Ryou but was attacked by Chou Ryou. He then killed Chou Ryou. Saw was the first to be killed by Dairen'oh.
EPISODE 5-6, Movie
Kuchibeniuta Hime
Different Sources have different translations: Lipstick Songstress, Rouge Song Princess
A Gorma in the service of Gara, this vain master of the Kunchibenishinken (Fist of the Lipstick) fighting style used song-based attacks. When her face was scarred from a fight with Lin, she vowed vengeance. A swipe of her lipstick across a woman's lips turned the victim into a slave, singing a dangerous soprano tone that tended to blow out our heroes' eardrums. She could also send a deafening tone. Lin felt guilty that her schoolmate was taken captive but the other four told her to stay behind. Lin ultimately had a showdown with this Gorma while searching for the Lailai Jewels. Killed by Ryuuseioh and the Heavenly Chi Palace. She was brought back in the Dairanger movie and her human form being a harem girl with big lips, and became part of the Great King Ojaru.
Sakura Shishaku
Different Sources have different translations: Viscount or Baron Cherry Blossom
A Gorma in the service of Gara, that had powerful cherry tree blossoms that when they came he released them and they in contact with someone, that person would contract a violent rage. When the person is effected, they have dark arched eyebrows. This effected Gara and Kujaku. He seemed to enjoy the battle between his mistress and Kujaku. Their attacks cancel themselves out. When the flowers were used to blast at the Dairangers transorms, without the vengence effect. He used Shishiranger's Dial Rod against him but he used unviolent behavior techniques against him. This gorma was killed by Dairen'oh.
Kagami Keshoushi
Different Sources have different translations: Mirror Make-Up Artist, Mr. Makeup Mirror, Master Mirror
A Gorma in the service of Gara, Master of the Kagamishinken (Fist of the Mirror) fighting style. He prefers to ingest women, who admire themselves in his Mirror-form. He ingests them with a long pink tongue that comes out of the mirror. He gets sick when he ingests a man by mistake. He had Kujaku trapped within him for six-thousand years. She managed to escape when his mirrored torso was broken. To up the stakes, he cuts people's faces when they look at any mirror. His voice is deeper as a giant. Killed by Dairen'oh.
Jishaku Shinpu
Translation: Father Magnet
He dressed like a stray priest of Western origin, and his power was to set up a magnetic field by whomever he touched. He was under Gara's command. Cars were caused to roll after people with the opposite mark and couples were driven apart by the field. He was difficult to defeat. Kaku gave them the idea to use a new flying attack. He was grew big and was killed by Dairen'oh.