Lost Highness Rakushaasa
Appears exclusively in 'Gaoranger Vs. Super Sentai.' A Highness Org whose power was so immense that it damaged his horn and sent him into a prolonged unconscious peiod. Said to be the leader of the Highness Duke Orgs. He needed the fighting spirit of strong-willed warriors to awaken him and heal his horn. He took the fighting spirit of Gaku, Kai, and Soutarou. He was able to make himself grow by his own power. It took the combined force of all previous Sentai to destroy him. He was defeated by the Hundred Beast Sword, then again by the mecha of all of the Red Heroes with GaoKing, and finally killed by the Gaoranger Storm. He was the only Highness Duke not to be revived in the series' finale.
With Rakushaasa's power, he energized the horns of Tsuetsue, Yabaiba, and the Orgettes and made them gold and more powerful.