The 1,022-year-old Gao Shaman of the Animarium who serves as mentor to the current Gaoranger team, succeeding the role from her great-grandmother, Murasaki. She lives in Gao's Rock and laid dormant until the Orgs returned. She is warned of the Org activity by the holy spring. wShe has an abnormal ability to power electronics with only her touch. She was search of a magic mushroom that helps power up the Power Animal's Gao Soul. Her singing calms the Power Animals, and she regularly performs Murasaki's song with Shirogane for Gao Deer. She dislikes to hear that resembles Murasaki. She is also a talented cook, which caused Rasetsu to gain an interest in her and order the Duke Orgs to capture her. She was rescued, when the Gaoranger defeated the Orgs, she asked the Gaoranger for their G-Phones and jackets. She returned to her dormant state on the Animarium, waiting for the day when she would be needed again. In 'Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger,' Tsuetsue and Yabaiba kidnapped her along with the former Gaoranger and took the G-Phones from her. Once the Gaoranger got the G-Phones back and evil was defeated, Tetomu got the G-Phones and jackets back and went back to sleep on the Animarium.

Shamans is one who journeys beyond ordinary reality to a realm inhabited by deities, animal spirits and other beings. They serve as serves as a healer, medium, sage and showman/ In the broadest sense, Shamanism can be understood as a world spirtual tradiation that has been shared by all people for millennia. Always mushrooms are related with them most of the time.

Tetomu's great-grandmother who served as the Gao Shaman and mentor to the original Gaoranger team. She used to sing with Shirogane which pleased Gao Deer very much. When she took an attack meant for Shirogane by Red Orgettes, her throat was injured and she could no longer sing. Gao Deer held Shirogane responsible for it and refused to help centuries later against the Gravestone Org.
Gao Warriors
The predecessors of the Gaoranger were betrayed by Shirogane when he donned the wolf mask and sealed within tomb due to Shirogane's wishes.
She appears in Episodes 19, and 50. Soutarou worked as her assistant at Flower Garden Casablanca. He had a crush on her and called her Shi-chan. Eyeglasses Org took over her body and she was made prision. Soutarou was forced to relinquish his Bison Org and asked her to marry him, without knowing it wasn't her. She, in turn, escaped. After the final battle, he and Shi-chan worked together on a ranch.
Sae's Father
Sae's father runs a dojo in Kagoshima and taught her various combat techniques. Against his will, she moved to Tokyo. She later enrolled in a special martial arts institution to further improve her skills. He was upset by this. When he went to visit her, he saw Gao White use his technique and then realized she was his daughter and was very proud of her. He was in seen in Episode 50 where his daughter continued in her training with him.
When four of Gaorangers were killed, he took the form of the human boy Futaro and guided them in the afterlife. When they awakened GaoFalcon and were resurrected, he was as well. As Futaro, he had no memory of his origin, but slowly began to remember after meeting his old friend, Shirogane, and listening to Tetomu perform Muraski's song. After seeing how the humans had polluted Earth, he transformed into GaoGod and took the Power Animals from the Gaorangers, deeming that humanity didn't deserve their help because humans are wasteful creatures and only pollute the Earth. But after the Gaorangers showed their will to protect the Earth and its creatures, he returned to fight as GaoGod alongside GaoHunter Blue Moon. He returned the Power Animals and left the duty to protect the Earth in the hands of the Gaorangers. He later returned to notify the Gaorangers of the final Org, and again to help Tetomu in sealing the Matrix and in the fight against Senki.
Kaito and Princess Iriya
They appeared in the movies. Kaito was the leader of the resistance held against the Orgs on the volcanic island. He held half of the ruby needed to form GaoKong's jewel. He died while protecting Princess Iriya from Zeus Org. Princess Iriya of the volcanic island was held captive by the Orgs. Her half of the ruby was taken by the three Org brothers and was given to Tetomu during a drinking contest with Poseidon Org. Kakeru returned the entire jewel that controlled Gao Kong to Princess Iriya once they defeated the three brothers.