Orgs List 3 (Episodes 18-25)
Unlike Highness and Duke Orgs and Orgettes that have one horn,
these Orgs have two horns.

EPISODE 18, 42-43
Clock Org
A clock-expired Org that was killed by GaoKing. He was brought back as a spirit by Duke Org Dorodoro.

Eyeglasses Org
She possess Shimada when she wears special eyeglasses. Then Yabaiba threatens to kill her, Soutarou thinking it his lady love, he gives the orgs his Bison jewel. When he asks her to get married, she reveals her true identity and disappears. Eyeglasses Org forces Soutarou to take his teammate's jewels to release Shimada. Shimada breaks the chains within the Org's glass prison and managed t take off the glasses and return to normal. When GaoRed fights her, she scolds him for hurting a lady. Ofcourse, it is a trick to blast him. Soutarou's jewel then ends up in the ocean and searches for it. She uses her Eyeglass Barrier on the Power Animals and once Soutarou finds his jewel, Gao Bison breaks her barrior. She was finally killed by GaoKing.
Scooter Org
The first Org GaoYellow fought. He was unable to kill it, so with help from Tetomu, he sealed it instead. He sealed him by sticking a paper on his face.
Bike Org
Upgraded form of Scooter Org, it was freed from its seal by Loki. He was finally killed by GaoMuscle. Afterwards, Loki steals Gaku's two Bear jewels.
Human Body Specimen Org
He was aided by Orgettes dressed as hollywood monsters. He harmed a puppy Loki grew attached to, after failing at defeating the Gaoranger, he asks for a second chance. He uses his lab equipment to make buildings explode. Killed by GaoKing.
Karaoke Org
He speaks in a lyrical voice. He changes people's voices to sound like cats when they sing karaoke. Kakeru understands them because of his experience as a veterinarian. Gao Silver saves the Gaoranger from Karaoke Org. Killed by GaoKing Striker & GaoHunter Justice.
Lawnmower Org
He admires a soccer field groundskeeper's mowing work and continues mowing when the Gaoranger attack him. He considers the Gaoranger does damage to the lawn. He was does some serious damage to GaoBison and then was killed by Gao King.
Chimera Org
Created by Ura from the energies of the GaoElephant, GaoGiraffe, GaoBear, and GaoPolar jewels that Loki had previously stolen from the Gaorangers. Chimera Org is made up of the traits from these four Power Animals. Killed by GaoKing Striker & GaoHunter Justice.