Past Sentai Heroes
'Dream Sentai'
Five members from different Super Sentai teams from the past appeared in 'Gaoranger vs Gaoranger', included Big One, MegaPink, GoYellow, Red Falcon, and Ginga Blue. After meeting Soukichi, the G-Phones lead the Gaorangers to the other four. They luctured the Gaorangers on past heroes and helped fight the Orgs and Highness Org Rakushaasa.
Daimon Tatsumi / GoYellow
After being struck by Kai's G-Phone and hurtling Kai, Daimon lectured Kai about the past Sentai technical warriors and their fighting spirit (among those mentioned are Aka Ranger, Mido Ranger, AoRanger, Spade Ace, Battle Japan, Battle Kenya, DenjiRed, DenjiBlue, DenjiGreen, DenjiYellow, Vulshark, Goggle Red, Goggle Black, Goggle Blue, DynaBlack, DynaBlue, Green Two, Blue Three, Change Griffin, Change Pegasus, Blue Flash, Blue Mask, Yellow Lion, Yellow Turbo, Blue Turbo, Five Black, TigerRanger, TriceraRanger, KirinRanger, TenmaRanger, ShishiRanger, NinjaBlack, OhBlue, Blue Racer, MegaBlue, GingaGreen, GingaYellow, GoGreen, TimeBlue), and also taught him how to perform the "Banta-Style Cow's Milk Tornado Drop", which Kai ultimately used on Rakushaasa.
Gouki / GingaBlue
After fighting some Orgettes who had disturbed the GingaForest, Gouki met Soutarou and lectured him on the Super Sentai's other strong warriors (among those mentioned are KiRanger, Clover King, Battle Cossack, DenjiYellow, DynaYellow, Green Flash, Black Mask, Black Bison, Green Rhino, Five Blue, Yellow Owl, MammothRanger, DragonRanger, NinjaYellow, OhGreen, Green Racer, MegaBlack, GoBlue, TimeYellow), humbly claiming to not be nearly as strong as they are. According to him, true strength comes from the desire to protect what you love.
Miku Imamura / MegaPink
She lectured Sae on the other female warriors of the Super Sentai universe and their shared mastery of disguise and habit of changing their clothing in the blink of an eye (among those mentioned are MomoRanger, GogglePink, DynaPink, ChangeMermaid, ChangePhoenix, Pink Turbo, PteraRanger, NinjaWhite, OhYellow, OhPink, GoPink, TimePink, Heart Queen, Miss America, DenjiPink, Yellow Four, Pink Five, Yellow Flash, Pink Flash, Yellow Mask, Pink Mask, Blue Dolphin, Five Yellow, Five Pink, White Swan, Blue Swallow, HououRanger, Pink Racer, Yellow Racer, MegaYellow, GingaPink), something that Sae had never done before. Tsuetsue chased the two girls to several different locations for personal pleasure, one place being the school that the Megarangers attended, Moroboshi Academy High School.
Yuusuke Amamiya / Red Falcon
Yabaiba set his foot of Kenji's grave that Yuusuke was visiting (the tombstones were for his former teammates Kenji Tsukigata, Rui Senda, Takuji Yano, and Mari Aikawa) so Tyysyje fought him and the Orgettes. Yuusuke himself met up with and briefly dueled Gaku and lectured him on the other sword experts (among those mentioned are Change Dragon, Dia Jack, Battle France, Vuleagle, DynaRed, Red One, Red Flash, Red Mask, Red Turbo, Black Turbo, Five Red, Red Hawk, Black Condor, Tyrannoranger, Ryuu Ranger, Kibaranger, Ninja Blue, Ninja Red, OhRed, KingRanger, Red Racer, MegaRed, MegaSilver, GingaRed, GoRed, TimeRed, TimeGreen, TimeFire), showing him that the true sword wasn't the sharpest, but the one that feeds on courage. He served as leader of all the Red heroes when they appeared.
Soukichi Banba / Big One
Soukichi, disguised as a Buddhist monk, lectured Sae, Soutarou, Kai, and Gaku about how the other members of a team are needed to make a great Red Warrior by making an analogy on how a rose is grown. He is the leader of the Dream Sentai.
Red Heroes
The red warriors from the twenty super teams that came before the Gaorangers, came to give extra power to defeat Rakushaasa. They appeared briefly.
They included [above left to right] TimeRed, GoRed, Gingared, Megared, Red Racer, OhRed, Ninja Red, and Ryuu Ranger.
[Above Left to Right] Tyrannoranger, Red Hawk, Five Red, Red Falcon, Red Mask, Spade Ace and Aka Ranger.
[Below Left to Right] Red Flash, Change Dragon, Red One, Dyna Red, Google Red, the second Vul-Eagle, and Battle Japan.
The robots, animals, jets, machines and vehicles belonging to their respective red heroes. They came to help Rakushaasa.
Hurricanger, Goraijer, and Shurikenger
The Gaoranger were kidnapped by Tsuetsue and Yabaiba and the Jakanja took their G-Phones and disguises as them against the Hurricanger and Goraijer. Sae escaped and met with them telling them the truth. The Gaoranger escaped and teamed up with the ninjas to defeat Chuzubo's brother Chubozu. The Power Animals combined with the Shinobi Machines. They then returned their G-Phones to Tetomu once again and they went their seperate ways. Soutarou left Shurikenger during battle. This occured in 'Hurricanger vs Gaoranger.'