Three Org God Brothers
Three Orgs who conquered on a peaceful island one year before the Gaorangers were transported there. They captured a group of the natives and forced them to dig for a ruby called the Demon's Castle. Appeared in the Gaoranger movie.
Hades Org [Above Right]
The youngest brother with power over wind. He wielded a scythe. He was head strong and was killed by GaoGod.
Poseidon Org [Above Left]
The middle brother with power over water. He wielded a trident. He had custody of Tetomu and got her drunk. He was the first one to die at the hands of GaoKnight.
Zeus Org [Left]
The oldest brother with power over thunder. He wielded a sword shaped like a thunderbolt and his special attack was called Devil's Thunder. He was killed by GaoKnight, last to be destroyed.