Orgs List 4 (Episodes 27-38)
Unlike Highness and Duke Orgs and Orgettes that have one horn,
these Orgs have two or more horns.
Vase Org
He captures things as large as a truck, inside his vase. When throws a paper on the victim to suck them in. Gao Bison and Gao Wolf are sucked inside the vase when they were playing together. The Gaoranger crack his back. Because of him, Pyon is split into two: Pi and Yon. Yabaiba glues the broken piece back on Vase Org. He was killed by GaoMuscle Striker.
Bowling Org
Ura summoned ancient power into a model of this Org to make it. Kai went back to a professional bowler Dpm Katayama he once studied under to learn the tornado spin to defeat this dangerous Org. He was killed by GaoKing Another Arm, by using GaoMadillo as a Bowling Ball.
EPISODE 29, 43
Gravestone Org
Gao King Another Arm was formed to battle the powerful Tombstone Org. When this wasn't enough, they swapped out the Hammerhead arm for the Giraffe. He creates an earthquake to suck Gao King in. He defeated many of the Power Animals and the only one that could defeat him was Gao Deer, who was not willing to help. He was killed by GaoKing Cross Horn. The Rangers faced it in Duke Org Dorodoro's dimension.
Charcoal Grill Org
He is a good natured Org that befriended GaoBlack and GaoYellow. This org was terrorizing some men and when the Gaoranger, Yabaiba, and Tsuetsue arrived, he ran off. He takes the guise of a human, a food vendor. He loves children and gave Futaro a yummy lunch. Yabaiba and Tsuetsue take control of them. Was regrettably killed by GaoIcarus, but was revealed to be in heaven cooking for Futaro at the end of the episode.
Kajiya Org
Some sources says it translates to: Anvil, Blacksmith
A blacksmith that had an obsession with metal objects, such as the Gaoranger's Beast King Swords. When they are stolen, they can't call their Power Animals. He manipulates the swords into different shapes such as a knife, spoon, fork and butter knife for Rasetsu to eat with. the swords into He is killed by GaoIcarus. Once he is destroyed, their swords return to normal.
EPISODE 36, 42-43
Mateki Org
Some sources says it translates to: Demon Whistle, Magic Flute
He interupts Shirogane and Tetomu's daily serenade to Gao Deer with his own music by channeling his music into Shirogane's flute. He is not that sure about himself, he was charged by power from Tsuetsue and Yabaiba by Rasetsu. Once upgraded, his sweet music is less sweet and he forces people to dance under his command. Tetomu's voice weakens him. When the Gaoranger call their Power Animals, the Org blocks the sound from their swords. GaoGod comes down and destroys his flute. GaoIcarus is then able to destroy it. The Rangers faced it in Duke Org Dorodoro's dimension. He was brought back as a spirit by Duke Org Dorodoro.
Juggling Org
Yabaiba's brother. He and Yabaiba attacked Gaku and Kai when they were showing Futaro a good time during a carnival. Killed by GaoHunter Justice & GaoKing.
EPISODE 38, 42
Moujtsukai Org
Some sources says it translates to: Ringmaster, Animal Tamer
He took control of the Power Animals and the Gaorangers themselves. The Gaoranger used different formations against him such as Gao King Spear and Knuckle & Gao Muscle Striker Cross Horn. Killed by GaoIcarus after GaoKing Sword and Shield & GaoMuscle Striker turned on him. He was brought back as a spirit by Duke Org Dorodoro.