Kakeru Shishi, GaoRed
Full Name: Kakeru Shishi
Ranger Designation: GaoRed
Title: Blazing Lion
Weapons: Beast King Sword, Lion Fang, Gao Mane Buster, Falcon Summoner
Gear: G-Phone
Special Attacks: Blazing Fire
Power Animals: Gao Lion, Gao Gorilla, Gao Kong, Gao Falcon
Sympathetic, genial, and amiable, Kakeru was chosen by GaoLion to be the leader and he was the fifth member to join the Gaoranger. He was twenty-four when the journey began. He wanted to protect all life on earth. He loves animals, especially his Golden Retriever "Choco". Kakeru has the empathic ability to understand animals and communicate with them, he does this by closing his eyes. He thought he could do the same with the Orgs. He wanted to know what drove them but discovered he couldn't communicate with them since they were without souls. Two common phrases he often spouts are "I am a veterinarian" and "I'm full of motivation!" In the movie, he was given the jewel to control Gao Kong, a power animal from another dimension. Once they thwarted evil with Kong's help, he returned the jewel to Princess Iriya. When the adventure was finished, he returned his G-Phone and jacket to Tetomu and returned to his former job at the Cherry Blossoms Animal Hospital.

Later in 'Hurricanger vs Gaoranger', he was kidnapped with his former team members by Tsuetsue and Yabaiba and their G-Phones were given to the Jakanja. He was impersonated by Shurigane of the Jakanja. They escaped with the help of the Hurricanger, Goraijer and Shurikenger and defeated Tsuetsue and Yabaiba and the Jakanja.