Ogre Tribe Org
Some sources say 'Org' is smelled: 'Orgu', 'Aurg'
They are a race of Oni born from the sadness and madness of humans. They often take the forms of idols and modern objects. The higher up Orgs have one horn and dwell deep within an underground cavern known as the Matrix.
Org Master
Within the Matrix is the Org Master, a stone face worshipped by the Orgs due to its power to create new Orgs. It was soon revealed in the finale that the Org Master was a figurehead, only symbolic of power within the Highness Duke Orgs.
Seen in a flashback in Episode 23, Hyakkimaru is the Org that was responsible for destroying GaoGod 1,000 years ago. He was eventually killed by GaoHunter, which was powered by Loki's evil energy. As by its name, Hyakkimaru was created by many Orgs joining into a single form.
Duke Org Yabaiba
A crazed master of knives who claimed himself to GaoYellow's greatest rival (Though the feeling wasn't mutual). He commonly blurts out "Kore wa yabai-ba!" ("This is awful!"), a pun on his name and the word "yabai." hough he began to question the intention of their masters', he followed Tsuetsue out of love. After surviving the cave-in of their base, Yabaiba & Tsuetsue teamed up with the Jakenja in Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger. He was finally killed by the two teams along with Tsuetsue.
Duchess Org Tsuetsue
Pronounced Phonetically: Sway-Sway
Org priestess in charge of reviving and enlarging the minor Orgs by using the Org Seeds fired from her staff and chanting "Out with the demons, in with good luck." She developed an instant hatred of GaoWhite for calling her "Grandma". She later died when the Duke Org Dorodoro tricked her into removing her horn so that she would be immune to the sacred water when she went to capture Tetomu, and then was used by Rasetsu as a shield from the Hundred Beast Sword.
But Tsuetsue was soon revived when Yabaiba energized Tsuetsue's severed horn with the Hundred Beast Sword's power, and used it as a fishing lure to bring her back from hell. As she was reeled out of hell, she carried the three Highness Dukes with her, which then rewarded her loyalty with the title of "Org Shaman" and a new staff. Afterwards, she was even more insane and driven for their one purpose, serving the Highness Dukes. She then created the Org Heart that fused the Highness Dukes into Senki. After surviving the cave-in of their base, Tsuetsue & Yabaiba teamed up with the Jakanja in 'Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger' and tortured the Gaoranger.
Although she was killed by the two teams, Tsuetsue was resurrected a second time in 'Boukenger Vs. Super Sentai' by a combination of a Gordom Engine and Chronos' magic (Even though she was killed on the battlefield, Chronos revived her in the Matrix) and assisted Chronos, Gajah, Meemy and eventually Furabiijo, only to be used in the end as an ingredient to create a new Precious, the Cane of the Three Philosophers, that powered Chronos up.
Armored Tsuetsue and Yabaiba
Tsuetsue and Yabaiba both later received upgraded forms from Ura, which lasted until Ura was killed for good.
Highness Duchess Org Onihime
When Ura was seemingly dead, Tsuetsue temporarily used his crown to become the Onihime and is possessed by him.
Highness Duke Orgs
are the rulers of the Orgs, using the Org Master which gives life as a figurehead.
One by one, a Highness Duke awakens only to be killed by the Gaorangers.
Highness Duke Org Shuten
The first of the Highness Dukes to be awakened, this eye-themed temperamental Org with one main eye wanted to take over the world. Shuten wields an axe and can stretch his arms. He could also detach one of his many eyes and give it to the Dukes to use to find lesser Orgs. Shuten was killed by Ura, who drained and absorbed all his power after losing in battle against GaoMuscle and GaoKing in episode 14. Shuten was later resurrected in the series finale to be fused with the others.
Highness Duke Org Ura
He first appeared in Episode 14. He was effeminate with a nose-like face and ear-like projections on his back. Obsessed with collecting beautiful things, he was the one who woke Loki. He used a magic mirror to see things at a distance and carried a fan as his weapon. Through Loki, Ura gained the four Power Animal orbs that Loki stole and used them to create Chimera Org. However, the Org is beaten by the newly transformed GaoSilver, who also takes out Ura. Ura's crown is then used by Tsustsue to become the Highness Duchess Onihime. But Ura regenerated himself from his crown and captured GaoSilver to have him reabsorb the power of 1,000 years' rage (Loki's energy).
Ultimate Form Ura
However after GaoSilver rejected it, Ura was able to absorb it to evolve in a more powerful form, Ultimate Form Ura, which was his actual plan. However, Ura was regressed by GaoIcarus and killed by Gaorangers. Ura was later resurrected in the series finale to be fused with the others to become Senki.
Highness Duke Org Rasetsu
Appears in Episode 32. The final Highness Duke with a mass of mouths had both male and female voices. He was ravenous with an appetite for anything in its reach, and used a knife and fork as his weapons. He treated the Duke Orgs like dirt, painfully transferring their powers to certain Orgs. Rasetsu died at the hands of the Power Animals, first by using GaoMuscle and GaoHunter Justice to weaken him, and then finishing him off with GaoKentaurus. Rasetsu was later resurrected in the series finale to be fused with the others to become Senki.
Ultimate Org Senki
In the finale, the three Highness Dukes were resurrected and then merged into Senki, fulfilling the prophecy of the "Last Org Advent". He also had Yabaiba and Tsuetsue's headdresses on the backs of his arms and he had Loki's hair. Stronger than his three components, he overpowered the Gaorangers, destroyed all the Power Animals, and bringing the Animarium down. He attacked the city, but the Power Animals were all revived and others accumulating into a hundred arrived to help. All the Power Animals were able to destroy Senki's physical body, while the six Gaoranger contributed their energy to the Hundred Beast Sword and used it to destroy Senki's heart so he could not revive himself.
Carnage-All Demon Blade
Senki's weapon was a combination of the Highness Duke's weapons. This weapon is the Highness Dukes' own version of the Gaoranger's Hundred Beast Sword, which is a combination of Shuten's axe, Ura's fan, and Rasetsu's fork and knife.
Grunts created from a pink liquid by Tsuetsue. Because of their small, undeveloped horns because they are considered the lowest class of Orgs. Armed with clubs that also function as flamethrowers.
Red Orgettes
A different class of Orgettes that were responsible for Muraki (Tetomu's grandmother) loosing her voice, because she saved Shirogane from their attack. They last appeared a thousands of years ago.