Refered affectionally as Pyo-Chan by the Gaoranger. This blue bird hatched out of a Gao Egg and it evolved into the Soul Bird. When he was split into two, the good half of him Pi was much like the entire Pyon.
Soul Bird
Powers: Flight, power enhancement, healing
History: When the Gao Lion fell ill due to a power overload from combining with the Gao Bears, Pyon finally matured into Soul Bird into episode 14 that can merge with any combination to form a new control console which boosts its power. While merged, it can also heal the other Power Animals.
In episode 27, when Vase Org transported GaoKing and GaoHunter into another dimension, a feather from Pyo escaped and the feather became Yon. Yon looks like Pyo-chan but has narrow eyes in a very irritated expression and the rangers considered him evil. He popped white spray often. Eventually, Tetomu convinced him to help the Gaorangers and become the Soul Bird. There were two Soul Birds and GaoMuscle Striker was formed for the first time. After the Vase Org was defeated, the two Soul Birds became one again.
No Picture yet Flame Pyon
A red version of Pyo that appeared in the 'Gaoranger vs. GaoSilver' special. After it hatched, it split into six Gao Hearts for the Gaorangers.