Gao Icarus
Length: 70 m | Width: 80m | Weight: 7000 tons
Power Animals: Gao Falcon, Gao Rhino, Gao Majiro, Gao Deer, Gao Giraffe

Called the "Heavenly Spirit King." In Episode 31 Ura was resurrected as Ultimate Form Ura, and the only Gaorangers around to fight him were Shirogane and Kakeru. The other Rangers had been killed, and travelled the afterlife, to put together a puzzle which would lead to Kakeru receiving the Falcon jewel and the Falcon Summoner. Using the two, he summoned the Gao Flacon, which combined with other animals into the Gao Ikarus. The Isis Megazord is capable of flight, and can perform the Horn Crash, Neck Thrust, Striker Bomber, and Rhino Shoot.The eye designs on GaoFalcon's wings are able to freeze an Org in place with the Icarus Bind technique. Its finishing move is Icarus Dynamite, which is an enhanced version of Rhino Shoot that is performed as a flip kick from midair.

It is capable of flight by using GaoFalcon's wings, or it can use them as a shield, called Defense Mode.
Gao Icarus Another Arm and Foot
Power Animals: Gao Falcon, Gao Bison, Gao Wolf, Gao Hamma

Once when all the other Power Animals but GaoFalcon that make up GaoIcarus were badly damaged from Steam Engine Org, GaoFalcon fused with GaoWolf, GaoHamma, and GaoBison to create GaoIcarus Another Foot and Arm. In this form, it is also armed with the Ligator Blade and its finishing move is called Icarus Breaker, where GaoIcarus dashes forward and drives the Crescent Boomerang into the enemy with the Ligator Blade.