Gao Hunter
Length: 62 m | Width: 36 m
Weight: 6600 tons
Power Animals: Gao Ligator, Gao Wolf, Gao Hamma

1,000 years ago, it was powered up by the Orgs' evil energy and used the attack Hundred Beast Storm to kill Hyakkimaru. The Demon Beasts formed the Gao Hunter Evil, the Wicked King, it has a horn and its face is hidden which debuted in episode 17. which could deliver the Predator Wave attack under Zen-Aku's control. it is able to perform the Evil 16-Day Old Moon Cut. After the Dark Wolf Mask was broken by GaoKing Striker and

Shirogane transformed into GaoSilver in Episdoe 24, GaoHunter's horn dissolved and his true face was revealed, then on being called Gao Hunter Justice, the "Hunter of Justice." Its finishing moves are Beast Hurricane, a blast attack from GaoLigator's mouth, similar to GaoKing's Animal Heart, and Revolver Phantom, where it dashes into its opponent with a spinning Ligator Blade. It is also able to perform combination attacks with other formations, such as Animal Burst with GaoKing and Double God Impact with GaoGod.
Gao Hunter Spear
Power Animals: Gao Ligator, Gao Wolf, Gao Giraffe

After stealing the Giraffe jewel from the Gaoranger, Loki used it to form the Gao Hunter Spear, which used the Crescent Moon Spear Cut.

Gao Hunter Double Knuckle
Power Animals: Gao Ligator, Gao Polar, Gao Bear

Loki stole Gaku's jewels, taking control of the Gao Bear and Gao Polar. He called them into action as arms for the Gao Hunter.

Gao Hunter Blue Moon
Power Animals: Blue Gao Ligator, Gao Wolf, Gao Hamma

In Episode 40, after GaoGod took away the Power Animals from the Gaorangers, GaoHunter had to battle alone aginst Tinplate Org. But with the energy that the five Gaorangers drew from their main Power Animals, GaoHunter was able to temporarily power up into GaoHunter Blue Moon, a form where Gao Ligator becomes blue and GaoHunter's eyes glow green. As Blue Moon, 'blue' preceeds the standard attack names, and GaoHunter is able to perform the 'Crecent Moon Cut.' Its finishing move is 'Blue Moon Heart.'