Gao Muscle
Length: 61.5m Width: 50m
Weight: 5480 tons
Power Animals: Gao Gorilla, Gao Polar, Gao Bear, Gao Eagle, Gao Bison

It is called the Muscular Warrior. The Gaoranger went back in time and brought back with them Gao Gorilla that was c onsidered a 'God.' With Red Lion sick, they needed someone to take its place to fight the Bulldozer Org, and so the Gorilla joined with the others to form the Gao Muscle, formed in episode 10. It wields an anchor and chain, called the Muscle Anchor, and two shoulder cannons called the Muscle Crackers. It has the Muscle Bear Hug technique and its finishing moves are Muscle Lariat, where it strikes with energized punches, and Bear Strike, where blasts are fired from the mouths of GaoBear and GaoPolar. The Gaoranger use the Soul Bird to pilot it.

Gao Muscle Striker
Length: 60 m | Width: 42m | Weight: 5340 tons
Power Animals: Gao Gorilla, Gao Polar, Gao Bear, Gao Rhino, Gao Majiro

The Rangers first combined the Rhino with the upper part of the Gao Muscle while fighting Tombstone Org, who had injured many of their other animals. Gao Muscle Striker kicks the Armadillo as a finisher.

Gao Muscle Striker Cross Horn
Power Animals: Gao Gorilla, Gao Polar, Gao Deer, Gao Rhino, Gao Majiro

When Ringmaster Org and the Rangers battled for control over the Power Animals, they each went through several combinations, including the Gao Muscle Striker Cross Horn.

Gao Cracker
Power Animals: Gao Gorilla, Gao Eagle, Gao Bison, Gao Tiger, Gao Shark
It is where GaoShark and GaoTiger could replace GaoBear and GaoPolar in the GaoMuscle formation. While the official art book lists this formation as GaoMuscle Shark and Tiger, many resources call this formation GaoCracker. Although there was an official picture, it never appeared on the show.