Orgs List 4 (Episodes 39-47)
Unlike Highness and Duke Orgs and Orgettes that have one horn,
these Orgs have two or more horns.

Monitor Org
He sucks people in from monitors and does so at a large stadium. They are taken to another dimension. Gaku and him fly in the air and fight. He was killed by GaoKing, but then Rasetsu put GaoKing under its control. GaoGod had to fight it to snap it out of it.
Tinplate Org
He attacks a construction site. He can release fire from its mouth. GaoGod had taken the Power Animals away from the Gaorangers, GaoHunter had to battle alone aginst Tinplate Org. But with the energy that the five Gaorangers drew from their main Power Animals, GaoHunter was able to temporarily power up into GaoHunter Blue Moon. GaoGod helped fight. He was killed by GaoHunter Blue Moon.

Christmas Org
Suffering Org disguises himself as a Christmas holiday-themed Org.
Suffering Org
The true form of Christmas Org, he was killed by GaoIcarus.

New Year's Org
He challenged the Gaoranger to traditional New Yeaar's games. Killed by GaoMuscle & GaoHunter Justice.
Steam Engine Org
In order to fish Tsuetsue out of hell, Yabaiba strikes this dangerous and powerful Org for the Gaoranger to use their Hundred Beast Sword. He uses the blast to energize Tsuetsue's detached horn. Killed by GaoIcarus Another Foot and Arm.

Snowman Org
Appeared on the Gao Access CD. After some help from GaoPanda, it was killed by GaoKing.