Full Name: Sae Taiga
Ranger Designation: GaoWhite
Title: Belle Tiger
Weapons: Beast King Sword, Tiger Baton
Gear: G-Phone
Special Attacks: Belle Crisis, White Tiger Cross Cut
Power Animals: Gao Tiger, Gao Elephant, Gao Deer
Sae was seventeen years old when the battle with the Orgs began. She was chosen as a Gaoranger around the same time as Kai. She is incredibly level-headed. Her father runs a dojo in Kagoshima and taught her various combat techniques. Against his will, she moved to Tokyo and enrolled in a special martial arts institution to further improve her skills. One day he visited his daughter, and and proud to discover that not only was she a Gaoranger, but she has excelled in the martial arts he taught her. She worries about the rest of the team, though she is sometimes belittled by them, except for Kakeru, since she is the only female on the team. She yearns for a prince that rides on a white horse and carries a bouquet of roses. Unlike most Super Sentai heroines, she had never changed her clothing in the blink of an eye until she met up with Miku Imamura (MegaPink). After the final battle, she returned his G-Phone and jacket to Tetomu. She continued her martial arts training although she initially planned to travel across Japan with Shirogane.

Later in 'Hurricanger vs Gaoranger', she was kidnapped with his former team members by Tsuetsue and Yabaiba and their G-Phones were given to the Jakanja. He was impersonated by Furabiijou of the Jakanja. She escaped and went to the Hurricanger, Goraijer and Shurikenger for help and defeated Tsuetsue and Yabaiba and the Jakanja.