Length: 87 m
Height: 78 m
Width: 80 m
Weight: 8260 tons
Power Animals: Gao Falcon, Gao Shark, Gao Tiger, Gao Elephant and the giant GaoLion
It is called the 'Great Hero.' In Episode 43, when Dorodoro trapped the Gaorangers in hell where the spirits of the previous fallen Orgs were, they were unable to summon their Power Animals when Dorodoro became giant. At that time, Tetomu was Rasetsu's prisoner who wanted her to cook for him, but she was then rescued by the totem Power Animals. Remembering how the Gaorangers loved her cooking, she casts a spell on a piece of food and sends it into GaoLion's mouth causing it to grow several kilometers. GaoFalcon then combined with GaoLion and the others, and they crossed into the dimension where the Gaorangers were fighting. GaoKentaurus then destroyed the spirits of the fallen Orgs and Dorodoro. GaoKentaurus was also used to finish off Rasetsu in the following battle with the finishing move Dance of the Beast King.